Results From My Give Thanks 2012 Assignment

I have one word to describe how you bitches did with this assignment, “pitiful.”

Yes, all but four of you let me down with this pitiful failure to please me. When I publish such an incredibly easy to complete assignment, give you nearly a month to complete it and then even extend the deadline by a full 5 days, I expect at least a dozen of you to step up to plate and follow my simple instructions.

Because of the lack of effort shown with this assignment I won’t be giving you bitches any kind of reward. In the future you must remember that I always reward obedience. Keep watching my website. Soon enough I will post another free assignment and you must work hard to complete it within the deadline. Perhaps enough of you will obey to make me proud. Perhaps then you will earn some sexy photos or even a free video!

This is pitiful, though. When just four of you took the five minutes it takes to complete this then none of you deserve any kind of reward. It is your job to work together to please me, minions. Remember that as you read each of the submissions from my loyal slaves below.


2 thoughts on “Results From My Give Thanks 2012 Assignment

  1. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for the opportunity to thank You in words.This took me a little longer than 5 minutes to complete [more like 5 days and 50 sheets of paper #giggle ] just for the simple fact that i do not know where to begin thanking You for claiming me as a piece of Your owned property.To be owned by You is more than i deserve.Sometimes i think i am dreaming,but it is true.Thank You very,very, very much Goddess Kyaa !

  2. i know it is not my place to say this but i am very disappointed in my fellow submissives , worshippers and other Kyaaists. This task was not only quite simple for us to perform it was also a jot to do, to think of all the many reasons i/wee are thankful for The Divine One in our world was not a chore it was and still is an absolute pleasure. When i think of the kindness and joy that Goddess Kyaa brings to my life i am overcome with the need to kneel and pray in thanks to Her.
    for so many to have failed Her like this makes my very very sad.
    i worship and adore You Divine One, You are the Light of the World


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