AVN/AEE Vegas Trip in January 2013!

While I’ve been tweeting about it and telling all my minions, many of you may not yet know the exciting news.

I’m heading back to Sin City for the Adult Entertainment Expo/AVN Awards in January! Look at the dates and details below because while I am away I will be tweeting photos constantly and you won’t want to miss all the fun. I may even have my NiteFlirt lines on at some times so that you can spend on me while I am getting the VIP treatment in sunny Las Vegas.

Just think about it, bitches. I will be staying in a lavish suite, getting spoiled rotten, meeting and partying with countless sexy fetish models and femdom royalty. And I won’t be paying for a thing. Everything will be paid for by one or more of you. It’s your job to make sure I get treated like a Queen the entire time I am in Vegas.

Even more exciting than knowing you get to help pay for my Sin City fun is knowing that I will be sharing a suite with Domme Jayne! That’s right. We will be sharing a bed, and if you bitches spoil us enough we might even film some special videos the morning after a night of kinky what-happens-in-Vegas-stays-in-Vegas adventures.

Luckily for the rest of my pitiful minions there is one who has stepped up and is ready to give everything, ready to empty their savings and serve as my sissy robot. My sissyt has worked hard to prove himself in the last few days and is in the middle of going through a rigorous process to be able to further prove himself, but in the end what will earn him an afternoon with Domme Jayne and I is his eagerness to empty his bank account for me.

I haven’t decided which day yet, but at some point while I am in Vegas my sissyt will meet me, hand over thousands of dollars in cash, be dressed in extreme sissy gear (including a wig and mask!) then leashed and taken out shopping. From there Domme Jayne and I will use him as an ATM, being spoiled by our obedient sissy doll.

By the time we are through, between the initial cash tribute and all the shopping, my sissyt will be personally drained dry.

This is going to be a long weekend of kinky luxury. I’m very much looking forward to it, and you should be too. Even though you don’t get to serve me in Vegas this year, even if you never serve me in person, you and the rest of my minions must work together to make my first time at the AEE/AVNs extra special by buying clips and sending tributes.

AVN/AEE Vegas Trip 2013

January 17th – 20th, 2013

I will be out of the studio that weekend, staying in Las Vegas with Domme Jayne. Write it down and get ready to spoil me. It’s important for you to spend every dollar you can on Kinkbomb, keeping my studio at #1 where it belongs. When I reign supreme at Kinkbomb after parties you will be able to be proud knowing you are mine and have helped make me happy.

Each of the links below are to videos I filmed when I was in Vegas last time. All of them are Tribute Versions, which means they cost far more than the other versions of the same videos. Go to my Kinkbomb to find the 720p or wmv versions of these videos. I am only going to link the Tribute Versions since what I want is your fucking money. Pay tribute to help fund my Vegas trip now!

This is a MUST own video for all subs.

A Special Tease from My Freshly Fucked in Las Vegas Hotel Bed

Worship My Lucky Hose!
Worship My Lucky Hose!

Humiliating My Minions from Las Vegas in My Lucky Pantyhose

Pay To Be My Vegas ATM
Empty your bank account, ATM!

Be My Vegas ATM, Bitch!

4 thoughts on “AVN/AEE Vegas Trip in January 2013!

  1. You will outshine anything Vagas has to offer, Your radiant beauty outshines the sun. i will dedicate all i can to making Your trip wonderful Divine One. Your Joy is my joy, Your Pleasure is my pleasure, You Happiness is my happiness, You are all important, i am nothing.

  2. it is an honor to serve You Goddess Kyaa. Thank You for allowing me to please You, be owned by You completely and earn the opportunity of a lifetime!

  3. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for writing.To read Your words of excitement is the meaning of life. The only purpose in life is to pay,obey,Worship and serve You for the chance to make You happy.

    While i could not possibly really know,only by reading Your words,it feels like the City of Sadistic, Evil Sin that never sleeps is quickly becoming Your “satellite” Empire,”home away from home” so to speak.Any photos that You may decide to allow us to see are worth a thousand words.Any videos You may decide to film are a treasure.Both are priceless and a shining symbol of Your kindness.

    There is a sigh of relief that You have a new rich sissy serving You in Your Empire.Maybe honesty is not always the best policy [haha] but my first thought was sort of a selfish about “me” thought.The first thing that went through my stupid loser mind was, “it really,really sucks to be a poor bitch in Your Empire” ,with the line of thinking being that if i was rich, i may have been allowed to be in Your presence 4 years ago and many more times after.That money,and lots of it, is by far the quickest way to have the opportunity to be in Your presence,which in general You despise and do not allow slaves to be in the same City as You.Money talks,so to speak.giggle

    That may be normal to think that way at first,but the reality is ,as You said Goddess Kyaa,i feel lucky and very thankful for this new sissy in Your Empire.As far as i am concerned,the more rich minons, the merrier.You have a vast Empire and the beauty of it is that by surrendering cash,cum,body,mind and soul to You,that You will and do find a way to use each and everyone of us to make You happy as You deem fit.

    To be honest again,[hahaha] to read what Your sissyt is going to do,good luck to her.It makes me really happy and proud to have Your collar locked around my undeserving neck and proves once again that You have the Power and the willingness to use each one us in a special way.i read this and i am not sure i could even attempt to do what Your sissyt is going to do,i think i would be a nervous wreck.lol It is one of the many reasons i am so grateful to be allowed to wear Your collar around my loser neck.i can do it everyday 24hours a day.

    This poor bitch has to go to work for You now.Thank You Goddess Kyaa and have a great time in Vegas


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