New Media Update! December 11th, 2012

This new media update is far from complete. It’s been a long while since I’ve taken the time to write about all the new videos and photos and with as much as I film there are dozens of new videos and many of them are not mentioned here. The way to find them is to get your bitch ass over to my Kinkbomb and start looking carefully through each page for anything special you might have missed.
I am just listing a few of my favorites, the best sellers and clips that may have been gone unnoticed by some of you. These are the videos I want to see ranking high in the Top Seller lists, so get to spending! Click and pay, then rate and leave feedback. Once you have obeyed you can stroke your unworthy dicklet knowing you did something to make me happy.

Goddess Kyaa Owns You! Panty Tease
Panties like these, adorable pink panties that literally tell you that I own you, are ideal for teasing you panty and ass loving Kyaaists. Click & pay now!

$1 At A Time
With a fist full of $1 bills I will teach you how to save up so you can pamper me.

Brainwashed To Orgasm For Our Cute Asses
Our cute young asses will put you in a daze before you realize what is happening to you.

A Treat For My Footboys
My foot worshiping minions work so hard to pamper my precious feet, so I’ve decided to reward all of you with this special video.

Taking Advantage of your Foot Fetish
Two pairs of perfect bare feet are too much to resist. Domme Jayne and I are taking advantage of your foot fetish with our pink wrinkled soles and flexible toes!

Dream Of Me
There is no escape. I have invaded your nights and taken over your dreams!

Sneakers Old & New Comparison with Domme Jayne
Foot and shoe lovers will find themselves mindfucked into a daze of worship, obsessing over every detail of our sexy sneakers.

Shh! Dual Librarian Humiliating JOI
Staying silent while you jerk off might not be as easy as it sounds.. not when we are teasing you raw with our cleavage and legs, telling you to be quiet with a stern shake of our fingers and peeking over our glasses at you.

Only The Best for My Royal Feet
My royal feet are precious and must be pampered properly. Only gifts befitting a Queen should be laid down before me, that is the lesson you will learn when you watch this video.

Princess Cocktease Upskirt JOI
Lowly male peasants must pay their cum taxes every time they stroke!

Piggy Slipper Plugging JOI
I slide my perfect bare feet in and out of my fluffy pink piggy slippers, teasing with my perky ass in pink panties, as I describe in detail how you will plug your pervert ass and jerk off for me.

Teaching The Tenets Of Kyaaism – I am Sacred (you are profane)
This axiomatic lesson is the base from which all of the tenets of Kyaaism is built! I am sacred, you are profane.

Bacon Sock Humiliation
My bacon socks give me a craving, a craving for the taste of piggy flesh.

The Sleepover is Just Beginning for My Sissy
We have no mercy. Teasing you, our sissy in chastity, with out beautiful young bodies in lingerie as we instruct you on what your duties are this weekend.

These are just a few of the videos I haven’t posted about in the past couple of months. Visit my Kinkbomb to find all the newest content!

For those who use Clips4Sale, you will be excited to find tons of updated content. In another month or two I should be caught up on adding content so that videos are going up on both sites at the same time. Don’t forget that you can now send tribute to me on Clips4Sale! Spoil me now, piggy.

2 thoughts on “New Media Update! December 11th, 2012

  1. thank You Goddess for making these videos available. Your sissyt has already ordered many of them and will be sure to order the remainder! Your videos are devastatingly erotic and addicting!!!

  2. Thank You Divine One for this guidance, every clip You make is breathtaking and sometimes it is hard for my weak besotted mind to to decide which to buy first. You are so good to all of Your worshipping minions blessing us with Your wisdom and helping us to become better, more useful and devoted disciples of Your teachings.


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