Live Cam Worship Schedule & Rates for December + Domme Jayne’s Next Visit

This post is a huge wall-o’-text, I know. Take a minute, get your hand off your dick, and take a few minutes to read it carefully. It contains valuable information that you need. I will reward you later with a second post full of photos to feed your addiction for me.

The last few months have kept me insanely busy and it doesn’t look like I will be slowing down anytime soon. Still, I will be focusing more on a few things that have been neglected. First up is spending more time on camera! I know that many of you have been finding it difficult to catch me online but soon you won’t have such issues.

Look below for a weekly schedule which you will be able to use to plan when you can submit to me this month. I am looking forward to spending the entire month, right up to New Years Eve, in the studio dominating weak males around the world.

Domme Kyaa’s December 2012 Online Domination Schedule – All times are in Pacific Standard Time

Monday: Noon – Midnight

Tuesday: Not on camera except with prior arrangement, contact me to set a time.

Wednesday: Noon – Midnight

Thursday: Noon – Midnight

Friday: Noon – Midnight

Saturday: Midnight – Midnight

Sunday: Midnight – 10pm

If you want to worship me outside of these times you must contact me at least 48 hours in advance.

Since I am going to be spending so much time on camera this month I am also setting my rates now so you know now and can prepare yourself to spend.

Call on NiteFlirt to be dominated by me live on camera for $4.50 per minute. NiteFlirt has the advantage of being able to instantly connect you to me. Just pick up the phone and you can, in a few minutes, be speaking to me. It will cost you more, though!

Call Button

Send tribute on Kinkbomb to worship me for $3 per minute, 10 minute minimum.

$30 for the first 10 minutes!

YES, you are reading that right, minions. Only when you tribute through Kinkbomb, for the rest of this month, you will be able to be teased, used and abused by me for $3 per minute.

Since I get more of my money when you pay through Kinkbomb I will continue to encourage you to spend your money there. Tribute for cam time and buy my videos through Kinkbomb!

I’m also excited to announce Domme Jayne’s next visit!

Once again she will be spending a weekend in my studio abusing bitches, filming custom videos and having a sexy girls-only sleepover in my living room.

Domme Jayne will be joining me for a weekend of double domination December 28th-30th!

The last weekend of the year will be spent in submission under our control. Together, Domme Jayne and I will make the most of the last weekend of the year by taking advantage of all of you weak horny perverts. Mark your calendar now. Make sure you are free that weekend and prepare to spend.

If you can’t be free to worship us that weekend you can send tribute for a custom video in advance. There is no excuse, you have more than enough warning. Don’t miss the last chance you have this year to worship us together! It may be the last time for a couple of months even, since Domme Jayne and I will be so busy in January with Vegas (more on that in another post.)

Live cam rates will vary.

Custom videos will be $100 minimum for 5-10 minutes of HD dual domination.

Contact us directly with your requests, to arrange your submission, beg to be abused and passed between us like a fucktoy.

Next on my list of things to begin focusing on again is regularly updating my website.

I have been trying to overhaul the site, kind of a version 2, but things didn’t quite come together as I wanted so I’m scrapping that for now and will begin making regular updates a priority.

What you will need to do for me is work hard to comment on every post, rate ever post, follow any instructions I publish, complete all the public assignments, thank me for every photo and update you lucky perverts receive.

My website and every post here is and will remain %100 free so that even the most poor subs can find some small way to serve and be rewarded, even if all they can do is comment and complete basic humiliation assignments as acts of devotion and thanks for my kindness.

With all of this new information in mind you can look forward to a second post today, one full of sexy photos instead of text! All I need to say is “bacon socks” and many of you will be able to imagine just what a treat you are in for with the second post.

5 thoughts on “Live Cam Worship Schedule & Rates for December + Domme Jayne’s Next Visit

  1. i am so much looking forward to a custom clip with both of You, my Divine God and Her beautyful sexy friend together as i pray and worship in abject devotion.

    Oh Yesssssss!!

  2. Even though my gateway to Your Empire (my laptop) is down for the count at the moment,for my loser eyes to be allowed to read Your beautiful evil sadistic words and also be allowed to drop to my knees,and look up ! to Worship Your Perfect Young Body on a 4.5 inch smart phone is more than i deserve. i am a spoiled pet to be allowed to know of Your existence
    Not sure if i am selfish or insecure or what,but i like it when You stay home and rule over Your Evil,Sadistic Empire.#giggle There is comfort feeling that consumes Your owned pet. i have only One Owner. You! Thank You Goddess Kyaa for taking me out of the streets and claiming me as Your property


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