Bacon Socks, Ass & Legs!

Can you make it through this post without touching yourself? I certainly hope so, since you don’t have permission to touch yourself until you buy at least one of my new photo sets and/or my new bacon sock humiliation video. All horny sub addicts must click, pay and stroke!

These 4 preview photos will help get your dick stiff and turn your mind to mush so you can click away brainlessly and buy up this new content without having to think. Just turn your brain off and obey.

Bow down for my flawless ass, weakling!
Bow down for my flawless ass, weakling!

See how I slide my thong down my perky cheeks? I’m only doing it to taunt you, to mock that throbbing dick with what it will never have…

Sniff those toes, bitch!
Sniff those toes, bitch!

My ass is more than you deserve. Instead you should be thankful to even dream about the scent of my sweaty bare feet.

Are you ready to be crushed under my socks?
Are you ready to be crushed under my socks?

Born an unworthy pervert, you are destined to serve on the floor at my feet.

Drool for my ass, fucking loser!
Drool for my ass, fucking loser!

How weak and excited you get when I humiliate you is proof of what a pathetic bitch you truly are, proof of your need to submit and obey my every command.

Now that your heart is racing, your mind is filled with dirty loser thoughts, it’s time to click and pay!

Add these photo sets to your collection. Buy the video and become my obedient pay piggy. I will control your cock, feed your addiction and make you my bitch.

Legs and Ass – 24 HD photos

Bacon Socks and Bare Feet – 35 HD photos

Find both of these sets on my Clips4Sale images store:

Bacon Socks Humiliation – HD video

Oink, piggy! I'm hungry for bacon!
Oink, piggy! I’m hungry for bacon!


Tribute Version! $25

720p HD $6.95


Tribute Version! $25.99
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720p HD $6.99
Buy Now

Once you have spent a little while drooling over these photos and watching this video with your hard dicklet in your greedy loser hands you must return here and comment. Thank me for the 4 free photos I have allowed you lucky cunts. If you all work together and comment to show how much you love being teased by my photos I will be encouraged to post more photos in the very near future.

4 thoughts on “Bacon Socks, Ass & Legs!

  1. Divine One, thank You for blessing us with such wonderful photographs, once again You show us that You are as kind as You are beautiful.
    i will add these (both sets) pictures to my collection of prayer images, praying to Your Holy Ass and feet daily helps my weak mind stay focused on You.
    You are The Light of the World.


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