Deck your balls!

Rejoice and celebrate, oh ye weak sub males, for I have not one but two free public assignments this holiday season!

The first is a simple task that any eager sub can complete in under an hour with little prep time.

Give Thanks 2012 sub assignment

I highly suggest you begin by purchasing the accompanying worship video. This 7 minute long video explains most of the details of the task I am setting for you while also allowing you to be teased raw by my gorgeous body.

Bow down, worship and give thanks!

Kinkbomb 1080p Tribute Version
Kinkbomb 720p Version

1. Get a piece of paper, something to write with and a camera.
2. Hand write a list titled “10 Reason Why I’m Thankful for Goddess Kyaa” and then proceed write a list of 10 reasons why you are thankful for me. Try to be creative, heartfelt, even poetic. Write it out once, then write it again, and even a third time. Get it as neat and nice looking as possible.
3. Take a photo of this list. Set the paper flat on a clean surface in a well lit room then take a photo of it from above with the flash off. I should be able to read your list easily in photo when I view it.
4. Title the photo “Give Thanks to Goddess Kyaa 2012 – (your sub name here)” and make sure to put in a nickname of some sort that I can recognize you by where it says “(your sub name here)” and don’t just leave it saying “(your sub name here.)”
5. Email the photo to before December 10 to have a chance to see the photo of your list featured here on my website in a future post! Send in your photo after that date and you will still be pleasing me by completing this assignment and showing your thanks. If you do not want your list to be included on my website you must state that you want it kept private.
Rules & notes on this sub assignment:
This is required for ALL of my faithful and devoted slaves.
If you are mine you must finish this assignment and submit a photo of your list before the deadline.
It is open and free to all subs, not just my owned minions. Any beta can submit their list before the deadline to earn a chance of being featured on my website! It is not required that you have your entry featured on my website, just make sure to tell me you do not want it published.
The video is not required, though it seems fucking stupid to not want to watch it while you work on your assignment.


The second is a more complex and exquisitely degrading assignment that will take a bit of planning so read up on it now to see if you can handle it!

While not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, almost everyone has some sort of winter holiday/Christmas type celebration in November and/or December. One of the main features of any good holiday is food. I love food. This holiday season I get to gorge myself on every delicious winter delicacy I desire but you will have to do disgusting, degrading things with them that will forever warp your favorite winter holiday foods.

This assignment isn’t for dabblers. Only true perverts will be able to do this one justice. Warning you now, you will have some clean up by the time I’m done with you! Read through the basic steps then browse over the list I’ve included below of some common holiday foods and what to do with them. This list isn’t the only food you can use for the assignment, though you do need to stick to holiday foods.

Holiday Humiliation Assignment 2012
This video has an accompanying video as well. Click below to buy it now and watch it to help give you the push you need to submit to this intensely degrading task.

Degrade yourself, get dirty and show me what a good pervert you are, bitch.

Kinkbomb 1080p Tribute Version
Kinkbomb 720p Version

(clips4sale link to be updated soon!)

1. Get some holiday foodstuffs and a camera. (See the list below for specific tasks) Bonus points for saving leftovers from family meals or at least cooking it yourself. Store or restaurant bought are the least preferred.
2. Get messy! Do dirty things with your food, just about everything but eating it- once again look at the list below. When you are done you get bonus points for scooping up a plate and finally having a holiday meal.
3. Email me with details on how you degraded yourself for me this holiday season. The deadline for sending in entries to be featured on my website is January 15th. Major bonus points for sending me videos (best!) or photos (still fantastic) of yourself in the act. I suggest setting up on webcam and sticking a plastic bag over your mouse so you can use it without getting mash potatoes in the scroll wheel. I want to know everything you did to yourself! Again, I will be sharing entries on my blog unless you specifically state that you do not wish to have public assignment entry published for all to see.
Notes and rules for this sub assignment:
This is free for all to participate. Video purchase not required. Photo/video submission not required. Publication on my website is not required. Only a total fucking lack of self respect and a need for humiliation is required.
When you email ( me I want every filthy detail. Tell me how you procured your holiday foods. Did you use your leftovers from a family meal? Did you cook it yourself just so you could do disgusting things with it? I want to know what you did, how it made you feel as you did it, what the clean up was like and every other dirty detail
A full video recording of your entire time spent degrading yourself as you complete this assignment is the best way to expose yourself to me!

Holiday Foods That Will Never Be The Same:

cranberry sauce – Smear it all over your bitch balls and between your butt cheeks. It should be chilled. Grab a handful (in your hand, dummy!) and wipe from front to back, spreading the cranberry sauce from your balls to your ass crack. Bonus points if it’s not canned!

eggnog – Use a non-alcoholic eggnog and make sure it’s fresh! Open a fresh enema kit and fill it with the ‘nog. Lay back and let yourself be filled up with the creamy cool goo of eggnog. Then fully expel it into a bucket, tub or toilet. Rise with a cool water enema then two warm water enemas to make sure you are fully cleaned out.

fruitcake– Put it whole in a dog dish or on a plate on the floor. Eat it with your hands behind your back, using only your mouth. Eat the entire thing on your knees. Eat that nasty fruitcake no one likes or wants. Add some cum topping for bonus points!

ham– If you can bake a whole holiday ham this is what you should do: Dress it up like a lady pig. Lipstick lips, draw on some eyes even make it a wig or give it jewelry. Then make out with it, lock lips with that ham. Make out with that ham, piggy, you know you don’t deserve any better than a ham girlfriend. Bonus points if you fuck her face and eat her afterwards. What a sicko you are, bitch!

mashed potato– Use your loser dicklet to stir them up. Fuck them to orgasm, adding your own salty cream to the mix and then eat them up!

pie – Whole pies only! Pumpkin is my preferred pie for this task, though any other whole pie will be fine. Take the whole pie, hold it in your hand and then PIE yourself smack dab in the middle of the face. Double pie yourself, add lots of extra whip cream, make it comical for bonus points.

sweet potatoes in various forms- Take a plate of sweet potatoes, be they with marshmallows or not and smush those staple of the US holiday meal into your armpits, between your legs, all over your body. Get them between your toes and fingers, cover yourself with sweet potatoes!

turkey – Preferred task: take a whole turkey leg and put a condom over the bone end of it. Stuff it in your ass. Say “gobble gobble” … then say it again a few times more! Don’t have a whole leg? I’m sure you can come up with something else fun to so with your leftovers, try to be creative.

stuffing/dressing– Wear an adult diaper or sissy panties. Fill them with stuffing! Warm stuffing is best, but be careful to not burn yourself. Stuff your diaper/panties/clothing with stuffing!

Mix plate of leftovers – Did you go to a family dinner and now all you have is a plate of mixed leftovers? Heat up the plate as you would to eat it and then let it cool enough that you won’t burn yourself. Take small handfuls off the plate and start smearing them all over your body. Cover yourself in food! It feels good to be a dirty bitch for Goddess Kyaa, doesn’t it?

This list is simple preferred tasks with these food items. I encourage you to find other holiday foods (there are many not included on this list) and to use the ones on this list in whatever unique pervert ways you dream up. What is important is that you get messy and degrade yourself while doing disgusting things with and/or to holiday foods! I’ve only mentioned US holiday foods because those are the holiday foods that are familiar to me. If you live elsewhere or celebrate other holidays then by all means pervert the foods you are familiar with!

I want to forever change what kind of memories and feelings you have when the holidays are approaching and you start thinking of going to dinner with your family or start seeing certain things in stores or on cooking channels when watching TV. When you complete this humiliation assignment your sub male brain will be forever twisted  by my superior sadistic mind. Every year as the season turns you will be unable to resist thinking of me and how you degraded yourself on my command.

I adore knowing that those brave enough to follow through with this assignment will be feeling the shameful after affects for years to come… once they manage to wash the cranberry sauce off their balls!


Start by commenting and thanking me for these two fantastic (and FREE!) assignments. If you are planning on doing one or both of these tasks say so. Also list any other foods and humiliating acts to do with them you are thinking of doing so other perverts can join in the fun!
Next, get to work on the Give Thanks 2012 task as soon as possible. Submit your entry befre the deadline!
Then start working on preparing for doing this years Holiday Humiliation assignment. I’m excited to see how many losers complete this assignment, and out of those how many actually send me proof of their self humiliation in my honor.

That’s more than enough for now, my perverted fans and devoted minions. Obey me, for your acts of self-humiliation and worship will bring me great holiday cheer all season long!

6 thoughts on “Deck your balls!

  1. Mighty and most Beautiful Goddess Kyaa, … what shall i say ? ? ?

    Thank You for being so cruel and so wicked. Woooow. This is so amazing. You are such a devilish genius and how i love it. You evil mind helps us to become more aware of our own slave status. GODDESS …. i wished it were possible to express here my silence … a silence because i’m in complete awe for the lines You wrote here. WOOOOW, WOOOOOW AND WOOOOOW AGAIN.

    I love very much, when You say: “I want to forever change what kind of memories and feelings you have when the holidays are approaching and you start thinking of going to dinner with your family or start seeing certain things in stores,…. ” … Wooow, yes this will indeed happen. Goddess, You are so good. You are so sweet (as to give us ideas how to fuck up our holidays, so that they become indeed celebrations in YOUR honour) and yet You are so very very wicked (and it is impossible to say how thankful we are for it).

    You are really a teacher, a Ruler, a Guide, an Intruder (intruding our mind, our body, our whole live), a Mistress so unique …. OMG.


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