One step closer to forgiveness

Many know him as a prime example of how to not behave as a submissive in training, but although he yet has a lot to learn my owned bitch piggy joe has improved greatly. After having to go to extreme measures to scare him, teach him just what it would be like without me in his life, he has been allowed to come crawling back.

Other subs have tried to run away or have broken a few rules here and there, but none have behaved as utterly unacceptably as this bitch. For his sins he suffered without any glimmer of hope for over a year. Ever extra penny he had was spent sending tribute or showering me with gifts. Not once was he allowed to worship me on camera. No custom videos. No phone calls on NiteFirt. This bitch had to suffer in the dark, without my light and guidance, just paying and suffering whatever humiliations I decide, for a full year.

Now that a year has passed he is slowly being allowed glimpses of the rewards that are possible for obedient and respectful slaves. The dedication he has shown through this year of suffering is admirable. Still, he has a long way to go until he can be allowed off probation.  A custom video or two and this very special package I’ve already mailed off are just the beginning if he can keep himself on track!

Before I mailed the package I made a video of all the items to be included. I go through everything I am sending in the package and why. I explain what my bitch piggy joe is to do with each item and how he is to treat them with respect and devotion. This video is being shared with everyone so that all the subs out there can learn from his mistakes.

If he had obeyed, followed my rules and showed me the respect and faithfulness I deserve then he would have been rewarded over a year ago, before all the suffering he has gone through.

This little story is just further proof of my total control over weak men. Once I’m in your head, once you start thinking about me, you are already addicted.  That addiction will only make you suffer unless you give into me, give up trying to think of yourself as anything other than mine. When you accept you do not have power, that I am in total control, then you will be a happy little bitch.

A happy little bitch, just like my piggy joe is about to be!

Now you too can see what’s in my piggy joe’s package:

2 thoughts on “One step closer to forgiveness

  1. Goddess Kyaa is 100% right! i had such a hard time after she got into my head, i could not control my extreme addiction and let it consume me. It was so bad i could not think straight, thought of myself and broke her rules. The punishment of being banned was just awful,terrible, horrible….. i went broke showering Goddess with all types of gifts, begging for forgiveness. She was kind enough to put me on probation and actually take the time to teach me, to show me how i am stupid and train me to be a better submissive. It is hard as i am slow but Goddess has shown patience and great kindness. Now i have a reward that is to die for! i am so grateful! i just hope some of those tributes and gift i happily purchased for you bring a little bit of the jubilation you have given me. Thank You Goddess Kyaa! i hope You know the power you have over me, You could and have made me cry and also have made happier than i can remember. Your beauty and power amazes me! i am very grateful for your understanding and generosity.

    1. The Divine One once again shows us all that She is as kind as She is beautiful, the devoted are blessed to live in the light of Her Divine Perfection.


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