Belated Birthday update

A belated happy birthday to me! While most of the gifts I’m about to show you arrived before or on my birthday I have been too busy enjoying using them to take photos of them until now. These are really just a fraction of what my devoted slaves and faithful fans spoiled me with this year for my birthday. I received countless tributes and dozens more gifts. Wishlist haul posts have been boring me, and I’m too impatient to take pictures of things before just ripping into them and using/playing with or wearing whatever it is. This is the closest thing to a wishlist haul type post I’ve done in months, so for those of you who have been missing them, enjoy! It will be the last until sometime after Kyaamas.

A couple of days before my birthday there was sizable stack of packages to pick up and bring home. What do I have here? A mount for video game sensors, thigh high socks in yellow and navy, a fancy new sandwich press and some faux-ripped pantyhose!
The sandwich press went into service immediately. As did the game sensor mount. Both work perfectly! Very pleased.
Tentacle tee-shirt dress is one of my new great loves. Watch out, you may get to even see me wearing it one evening on camera.
Words cannot express how much I love this tee-shirt.
This Wonder Woman jumper is going to have to be kept under lock and key when Domme Jayne is around!
Awesome socks! These all make me truly happy.
Watch out piggies, I’m hungry for bacon!
Further proof that you should be flowing me on twitter and checking it obsessively- this photo was posted days ago on my twitter! Keep an eye out there for more photos of me wearing the cute nerd queen gear my girlfriend picked out for me this year.

Buy me more gifts! It’s never too late to buy a birthday gift for this year and it’s never too early to start shopping for the next:

Also, it’s Friday and that means it’s the start of another weekend of worship. Check my homepage for a KILLER video of what I’m wearing. Then comment and thank me for making it before you send tribute to earn my personal attention.

2 thoughts on “Belated Birthday update

  1. Sometimes i do stop and ask myself “am i taking to be allowed to know of Your existence for granted” ? No. i do not,but living my pathetic life to make You happy every second of everyday without hesitation ,without even thinking about it, is a natural way of life. Living to make You happy is my life,it’s my sole purpose in life.Do i take that for granted ? No. i know nothing else.i know when i see You with gifts and money and happy,,it makes me happy.That is all i know.Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  2. Thank You Divine One for sharing with us just a few of the many gifts You received for Goddess Day. we should all realise that buying You gifts and sending tribute is a privilege that You see fit to grant us, and not to expect anything in return. The joy of giving, hoping that our sacrifice pleases You is reward enough. You are so kind to Your devoted slaves and worshippers, i fear that sometimes we take Your kindness for granted and expect more. You are our world, our everything the Deity we live to serve.
    Thank You Divine One for the joy You bring to our lives.


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