Dangerous loving

To my female readers,

Whether you are a fellow domme or just a random fan it’s likely that next to your bed is a little plug in device aptly named the Magic Wand. Imagine playing around with your sweetheart one night when you both decide to turn the orgasms up to 11 and pull out said Magic Wand. Grasping it firmly in one hand you look down at your partner and flip the switch to turn it onto the “high” setting when something shocking happens! Sparks fly and a loud pop is followed by the fizzing sound of electricity. The sex toy in your hand just about caught fire.

This little scenario isn’t fiction. Two nights ago the Magic Wand I’ve had plugged in next to my bed shorted out with a spectacular spray of bright sparks. All due to a worn cord at the base of the toy. Once it was unplugged we checked for any burn marks on the bed (just a couple small spots on the sheets) and then just about fell down laughing. While we could have caught the house on fire, we didn’t. We both reacted quickly and with purpose, handling the situation perfectly. I immediately reached over and unplugged it, while my girlfriend rolled off the bed and dove towards the fire extinguisher (which we did not need.)

I play so hard I break my toys…
Quick reactions saved the day!

Now I want a new Magic Wand and one of you gets to buy it! In fact I want at least 3 new Magic Wands so that if I ever notice the cord looking worn I can replace it without having to wait for a replacement.

Visit my wishlist now. Even if the Magic Wands have been purchased by someone else I’m sure you can find something to get for me!

So ladies, check your Magic Wand and it’s cord often for kinks (pun not intended) or defects so you too don’t nearly turn sexy-time into call-911-time.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous loving

  1. What if You had one of Your slaves locked in Your cage,that poor animal would be freaking out thinking it is going to die in a fire, in Your cage.What a way to go i guess.lol What did Buffy do ? This reminds me of about 4 years ago when Your Girlfriend almost broke Your neck playing rough sex. It seems to me the safest place in Your house,may be to be locked in Your cage.haha

  2. Ordinary things cannot cope with extraordinary people ! The passionate intensity of Your love making must of been too much for the poor toy, indeed what poor toy inanimate or otherwise could match You.
    i am glad nether of You were hurt .

  3. The poor thing was simply not able to cope with the intense passion and level of use that A Deity requires ! Odiary things cannot match extraodianry people !
    i am so glad nether of You were hurt by this Divine One.


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