Speaking of wicked…

My busy femdom Goddess life never seems to slow down! It’s the second weekend of the month already which means Domme Jayne is going to be back for a weekend of teasing & abusing subs live on camera with me, filming some kick ass custom videos and have another girls only adult sleepover that only obedient bitches are invited to join via skype or NiteFlirt.

Last time Domme Jayne was here we dressed up in costumes and made some very fun Halloween videos. We also did a small photoshoot in the witch costumes. I’m fiddling around with some fun photoshop editing on these photos, but until I am happy with the results you faithful addicts get a peek at the them raw!

Cheesy, but I love it & have already been told by many how much they adore the sexy yet silly fantasy costumes.
Best part about this photoshoot- fire! As pyromaniacs, we both enjoyed playing with the little green man on fire perhaps a little too much for general safeties sake.
This is where we both kept fucking laughing. Every time we caught each other’s eye we’d be in a fit of giggles. Keeping a serious “I’m casting an evil spell” look on our faces (whatever that’s supposed to be!) wasn’t easy!

The Plan for this weekend (Nov. 9th-11th):

Domme Jayne will arrive Friday evening so sometime in the late that night I will update here with photos and perhaps even a short video.

Saturday (November 10th) is the best day/night to call. We will be waking up early to make sure that we have a full day to spend in my studio. Tribute on Kinkbomb, C4S or NF to be able to earn our attention.

We will be online/live on camera throughout Saturday night and into Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon Domme Jayne returns home until next month so at some point in the morning we will shut everything down & just spend the last few hours hanging out.

This photo from our first sleepover is a perfect example of why you want to be dominated by us together this weekend & any other weekend we are teamed up. Now, many months later we are great friends who get off together, love abusing men & have much of the same geeky interests. The combination results in a chemistry you can plainly see on camera.

Being taunted by the two of us at once is more than any horny jerk off losers dick can handle.

To be put through your paces by us as we feed off of each others sadistic energy is an experience no painslut will soon forget.

Dressing up and degrading yourself as our whore while we giggle uncontrollably at your pathetic predicament is a sissy’s dream come true.

Kneeling before a stud to suck cock for us and listening as we happily encourage him to fuck your face harder is all bi sub boi’s can think of…

Don’t miss out. This is the weekend you will never forget. Domme Jayne is joining me and together we will overwhelm all weak sub males who are lucky enough to earn our attention.

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Email us to arrange to be teased/abused this weekend. Put “Dual Domination, please!” in the subject line to show you can pay attention to earn yourself some brownie points.



4 thoughts on “Speaking of wicked…

  1. Knowing how You and Domme Jayne interact with such raw natural fun, and using Your TORMENTING power over Your minions, is so incredibly weakening Goddess Kyaa! Wish it didn’t scare Your sissy so much. But then if it didn’t, what would be the point? So mindfucked for You!

  2. Thank You to be allowed to know of Your existence Goddess Kyaa.This post,”No rest for the Wicked” makes me know without a doubt i am a filthy whore.i love this post from top to bottom. Thank You Goddess Kyaa.The gothic look [i guess it’s gothic] really grows on me.i love it.i know from being “around”,that You have a great time with Domme Jayne so this is good news to hear She is visiting You this weekend.


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