Domme Jayne, fuck yeah!

This post about Domme Jane & how much we kick ass together is crammed full of photos from our first sleepover, exclusively for my faithful fans on These are not yet up for sale, though in the next few weeks you will be able to buy the full set (100 photos!) in beautiful HD.

We are both rather talented when it comes to our feet. It was a lot of fun discovering how we can both spread our toes and wiggle them with expert precision.

At the bottom of the post are the dates for her future visits. These dates are confirmed and you can purchase custom videos or even pay for a live worship/humiliation/abuse session in advance. Prepare yourself to submit to us! Even if you are one of my faithful devotees, it’s okay to want to be giggled at by us. I love showing off my owned minions to Domme Jayne! Random perverts are also very welcome. We have already had dozens of calls from anonymous sub males who just can’t help but want to worship our bodies, suck cock or get dressed up for us and do disgusting or painful things to themselves for us. So save up and mark your calendars, bitches!

Matching PJ pants? Yes, please! We saw these at the store when picking up ice cream for the sleep over & couldn’t say no. Last weekend Jayne brought them again and we had another sleepover, looking super cute the whole time.

Domme Jayne has now come to my studio 3 times to hang out, film and abuse submissive perverts live on camera. Each time we have had sleepovers which have gotten progressively sexier. We have started growing close as friends too, even making some insanely awesome super-secret plans around Portland and Seattle over the next few months, adventures that you might get let in on after we have them. The fact that we are bonding together as friends will only make every weekend we spend in my studio humiliating weak males that much more intense for the lucky minions that are able to submit to us.

We stayed up all night last Friday and Saturday nights teasing weak males on camera and over NiteFlirt. This photo was taken Saturday night while we were teasing a sissy bitch who was trying to hook up with a stud so he could suck cock on camera for us. Although the stud chickened out when the sub mentioned “2 hot girls watching me suck you on camera” we were still pleased with how he fucked his ass & moaned for us.

Last weekend was a resounding success. We not only drained the wallets and cocks of dozens of obedient bitches, but we also got… physical. The clever subs who read our twitter would have noticed us teasing each other, overtly flirting over the last few months. Last weekend things went from flirting to real “hanky-panky” as one party put it. This weekend our twitter feeds were full of teasing tidbits like this:

Our pillow fights during our first sleepover, like the one captured in this photo, were obviously us working our sexual aggression out together. Fun!

@DommeJayne 10:42 PM – 20 Sep 12: You boys won’t be hearing from us until tomorrow… #SheTastesLikePeaches @DommeKyaa

@DommeKyaa 12:13 AM – 21 Sep 12: My tank top matches her panties. Maybe later we will swap…

Don’t you just love seeing us having so much fun in our pink panties?

@DommeKyaa 9:21 AM – 21 Sep 12: Her hand down my pants is a fucking great way to wake up. #hornymorning Now with that dick twitching-inducing thought.

@DommeKyaa 9:32 AM – 22 Sep 12: Post orgasmic much?

It was a very good morning, indeed.

So while we are enjoying each others bodies, cooking good food together, being kick-ass women of power together, you will be suffering and sacrificing to please us. Any of the boys who submitted to us on camera this past weekend will understand just how much we enjoy teasing and tormenting our minions.

When one of my faithful devotees serves me on camera she revels in the chance to watch an obedient slave do disgusting, painful or degrading things to themselves upon my command. The sadistic ideas she has for your weak male bodies are creative and wonderfully cruel. We feed off each other in the most beautiful way.

This weekend we got matching manicures and pedicures. Candy colors!

The rhythm we are already developing is apparent even in the videos we filmed this weekend. Last weekend the videos we made were some of the first we filmed together, but even after just a few more days abusing males on camera, the videos we filmed are beginning to show true promise. Buy up every video we film together.

.. is so easy.

We have been so busy on camera doing live sessions that we don’t get the chance to film but a few of them, so there is no excuse to not buy them all. In a few months you will have a series of videos that shows how we have grown closer, our videos more refined, until we are making irresistible top sellers every single time we turn the camera on.

Goddess Kyaa and Domme Jayne: Watching sissy sploshes walk in the woods- live reaction recording 

Godess Kyaa with Domme Jayne – Summer Sandals

Goddess Kyaa and Domme Jayne – Visiting My New Pup in Training

Goddess Kyaa Domme Jayne – Doubly Fucked

Mark your calendars!

We have solid plans for next month and are planning on making the 2nd weekend of the month our regular weekend to dominate weak males together:

OCTOBER: Friday 12th & Saturday 13th (CONFIRMED)

NOVEMBER: Friday 9th & Saturday 10th 
(prospective, should be confirmed soon)

DECEMBER: Friday 14th & Saturday 15th (to be confirmed)


Custom videos: Email one of us & ask! Generally custom videos from the two of us will cost you $100, $50 being paid to each of us via Kinkbomb or NiteFlirt. Custom videos will include both of us teasing you with your fetish/weakness, using your name and will be about 5 minutes long in 720p HD. If you are hoping to see us in a specific outfit or have a very complicated request the price is going to be more!

Live webcam double domination: Call either of us on NiteFlirt then we will give you a tribute link so you can send the other a tribute before you are allowed to worship us together. Don’t use NiteFlirt? That’s fine. Email us or contact us via Skype/yahoo and be prepared to send us both at least $25 each for a the first few minutes of camera. Since we know that not every sub male is a rich piggy who can afford to spoil us the way we deserve we are going to allow any obedient sub who sends us each $100 in tribute on Kinkbomb for live cam a full 30 minutes under our control! That’s just $3.33 per/minute verses the usual $5 on my NiteFlirt lines. This is a very kind offer, do not pass it up. Save up and be ready to submit to us when Domme Jayne is here in 2 weeks!

5 thoughts on “Domme Jayne, fuck yeah!

  1. viewing these photos and reading Goddess Kyaa’s notes have turned me into sissy mush! Goddess Kyaa and Domme Jayne together is more than a sissy can withstand. Power and beauty to the nth power,,,Goddess Kyaa owns me.

  2. To see you happy makes me happy, Goddess Kyaa. Thank you so much for this update, the friendship between you and Domme Jayne is beautiful, two dominant women brought together by their abilities to enslave men. It is glorious!

  3. The generosity and addictiveness of Goddess Kyaa and Domme Jayne are unmatched. They do not keep their sexual experiences to themselves, but allow all of us unworthy slaves to be teased and taken over through their images, words and ideas. Thank you so much Goddess Kyaa for this long and vivid post. Slaves everywhere are happy to know that the exploitation of their weakness (i.e. that they are male), is contributing to the joy of not just one, but two gorgeous rulers of the sexual universe.

  4. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for these photos.It is more than i deserve to be allowed to watch this friendship build between You and Domme Jayne.i do watch Your videos with Her,i like to see how they change from the first one to second one and so on.It’s pretty cool.giggle And love,love,love the colors of Your matching nails.It is “porny”[respectfully] and bright and Girls just want to have fun look.i love it ! Thank You so much

  5. There are no word to say how wonderful this update is ! To be blessed with so many images of You having fun, to see You laughing so joyfully !
    Then You make is as easy as possible for worshippers to entertain You !

    Divine One You are, as always, as kind as You are beautiful !

    i am blessed to be Your owned and devoted property.

    i worship and adore You.


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