Las Vegas Blog, Sep. 2012

While in Las Vegas I stayed in a red-accented room with my girlfriend so that I’d have a sexy background for the videos I planned on shooting. Unsurprisingly I ended up shooting only a few videos, opting to spend most of my time running around Sin City with my girlfriend. Photos will be posted sometimes in the next few days along with an expanded trip breakdown that will give you a day-by-day walk-through of my trip and how I spent your money while I was gone.

I came home from my Yosemite/Las Vegas road trip with my girlfriend on Sunday. The first 2 days I was home I spent just relaxing and unpacking. When I finally made it into the studio on Wednesday I discovered that my computer wasn’t turning on, despite my best efforts. On Thursday my computer went into be fixed by a professional. Frustrated but sure it would be an easy fix, we left it with the nerds and went home expecting a call within a few hours. When we did get a call they told us that the power supply is shot and that the one we need for my computer has to be either ordered in or they have to find someone to go for a 2 hour drive to pick one up… I told them they better find someone to go pick it the fuck up for me. Apparently that is happening today so by tonight I may have my desktop back.

I mainly use that computer for rendering videos , so I can still shoot videos and tease my minions on camera. I’m frustrated though, because my photo editing and video editing software is on that desktop, which makes it difficult if not impossible to publish new content.

I think that one of the lessons I’m taking away from this is that I need a secondary desktop computer capable of rendering HD videos…

For now though, I just have slow-assed Windows Movie Maker and GIMP for photos. Hence, the post that I want to put up with about 50 photos from my trip will have to wait. Probably until after the weekend since Domme Jayne is here and I am just too busy having fun and kicking ass with her to spend a bunch of time editing photos and videos.

Soon I will post some photos & info on Domme Jaynes visit this weekend so any sub males who don’t know who she is/how to submit to us will have their questions answered.

8 thoughts on “Las Vegas Blog, Sep. 2012

  1. i don’t know what my loser eyes saw the first time You allowed me to see this video Goddess Kyaa, this time as i watched You crawl into Your bed,i about had a stroke! Seeing You crawl into Your hotel bed is the most sexyist,hottest,intimate thing my loser eyes have ever seen in my life!!!

  2. To see you living in the lap of luxury gives me great joy, Goddess Kyaa. It is clear you deserve a luxurious lifestyle provided for you by your slaves!


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