submale task: Sep.18th 2012

I know you are constantly looking for direction, for commands to obey. A mindless drone like you needs to be told what to do with yourself or you will become stressed out, confused and your focus will wane.
And so I have a task for you to complete. Often the tasks I have for you don’t have anything to do with your unworthy dick since your dedication to me must always be more than just your perverted male lust for my young female body. Today the task I have for you is one that will take you a little over 24 hours to complete properly, but in the end, if you are obedient, you will earn an orgasm!

My task for the submales this week: 
1. Buy these two videos together.

2. Watch the first video right away.  It’s important for you to watch carefully and obey. The first video will put you in the right frame of mind for a period of suffering and denial so that you can earn a powerful release.

3. Watch the second video. I will cure your twitching, horny cock and swollen blue balls, guiding you to an intense orgasm that only can only be achieved after following my direct commands.

(Unless you are specifically in chastity or under orders to not cum then you must buy both of these videos and follow my instructions this week. For those who are not allowed to cum at all they must buy just the first video and watch it and savor their denial knowing that their extended suffering pleases me greatly.)

Use the coupon code on the Pay Tribute page and it won’t be very costly to be able to download both of these videos in 720p so you can be driven mad by my long legs and supremely sexy ass in these fantastic videos that go along with your submale task for this week.

submale task- Blue Balls & A Needy Dick

Obey. Suffer in denial for my beauty. Follow my commands no matter how you ache!


submale task- The Cure for Blue Balls & A Needy Dick

When you finally cum you will be more thankful than ever to be mine.

Good luck with your task, puppets! Once you have completed it you can comment here and thank me for this task or contact me privately to ask how you can best show your thanks personally.

3 thoughts on “submale task: Sep.18th 2012

  1. It is 11:00 on Saturday, and I just finished watching Goddess Kyaa in her AMAZING Blue dress. A dress that levels my mind and bring me to my knees. I love being tease and denied for Kyaa and will not cum until told directly from the Goddess herself. This task is one of the most agonizing and wonderful tasks ever. Thank you Goddess Kyaa for taking the time to produce these videos!

  2. i am so excited and thankful Goddess Kyaa that You have taken the time to give this task for my pathetic life.i am helpless and lost without Your direction. To be allowed to suffer for You,and Obey You always feels so good.This is a wonderful assignment from You, so i beg to happily suffer for You more than 24hours ,4 more days until surrender sunday is my pledge .i do know the longer i suffer,how good it feels,i guess that is selfish of me,but i have seen video #2 #giggle,i want to suffer to really get the full effect of Your majesty kindness.Thank You Goddess Kyaa.

  3. Divine Living God, i have watched the first video many many times, i pray to You in thanks and praise as my orgasm denial continues (day 20 today). Only Your Holy guidance keeps me from sinning and becoming weak, without Your words I would quickly slip back to my old ways of self self self, milking my dirty slime whilst lusting after Your Divine Beauty, succumbing to to my own animal like male lust. Under Your Divine guidance i have set aside my own needs, i am beginning to truly understand “Worship”, as i pray with my worthless dicklet taped to my leg i know i am praying in true worship, praying in true devotion, praying to the glory of Your Holy Church, to the God i exist for, no longer is my vile unholy pleasure of any importance. The greatest (male) orgasm ever is as nothing compared to clicking the “tribute” button at what would once of been the moment of orgasm. The feeling of “giving” as opposed to the guilty feeling of “taking” is so much more fitting for an apostle of The Holy Church of Kyaaism, and that feeling lasts much longer and feels so much better!
    Thank You Divine Living God Kyaa for making me a better and more devoted Kyaaist.

    i praise Your Holy name, i Worship You.


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