New Media Update, Sep. 17th 2012

In this new media update you will find quite a few “must haves” no matter what your peccadillo may be.

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Read through carefully, it’s easier to figure out what videos are new and what videos are being re-released this way than flipping through page after page on my video stores. Generally new content is published on Kinkbomb first, followed a few weeks later on Clips4Sale. Soon that will take just a few days, but I have a lot of content I am catching up on for A.

For all my Clips4Sale fans – Check my studio regularly! I am going to be having multiple videos go up there each day until I have all content caught up to current and then you will only have to wait a day longer for new videos on C4S than Kinkbomb!

Once again, I am aware that there are issues sometimes with Kinkbomb, but I do get a better cut of my profits than through C4S so I prefer you use it. If you have any problems using Kinkbomb you may email me directly (my email is in my Rules of Conduct) and ask for help!

Every video I make is special, but the first video I’ve listed below is one I especially want to see climbing the charts. The second video listed below is the only video in this post that wasn’t relased in just the last 2 weeks. The Happy Birthday video is from the eve of my birthday last year and I am re-releasing it to help prepare you for the coming Goddess Day festivities. The rest of these videos are newly published, though some were filmed months ago and saved up until now.

It’s time to click, pay and obey! If you are good you might earn yourself an orgasm!

Goddess Kyaa – Kneel, And Bask In My Glory
Watching it once will leave you encredibly aroused, weak and aching to serve at my feet. Upon multiple viewings the dogma I am imparting to will sink in and you will begin to reach levels of extacy you have yet to even imagine as you worship me in a state of nirvana, simply by basking in my holy glory.

Happy Birthday To Me!
Although you don’t deserve it I know you will love being teased by my “Happy Birthday” themed panties, long legs and shiny silver high heels.

Brushing My Long Hair At My Makeup Table 05-2012
I know how horny you get for my hair, how helpless it makes you just to watch me brushing it like this so I take my time and make you weaker and weaker with each brush stroke.

Lacing Up My Fetish Boots
I sit on my throne, looking regal in my lacey corset and suntan stockings, and take my time lacing up my boots. While I lace up my boots I tease you, mocking you for being so helpless against my boots, showing you how I lace up my boots will only make you more addicted and I know it.

Silver Metal Lipstick Humiliation
Taunting you with my shiny silver lips makes you horny and helpless. It’s so easy for me. I am so powerful, so beautiful it’s dangerous. Click, pay and obey for my silver metal lips!

Moisturizing My Long Naked Legs
Massaging in moisture, massaging away any dry skin and helping to heal any cuts or bruises, never seemed so intensely erotic as it has in this video.

My New Red Leather Couch Summer 2012
In this rare treat you get to see inside my TV room! Since a worshiper purchased this luxuriously large red leather sectional I’ve decided to bring my camera in here to film a little video telling you all about how I was spoiled with this extravagant purchase from a paypig and show off this new couch, which I just love.

Bare Foot Worship on My New Leather Couch
For months he worked and saved, and he spent it all so that I would have a comfortable place to rest my sacred feet! Worship now, foot fetish addicts!

Opening A Special Gift from GB4K
When you watch you will get to see me react with joy to each little silly note of adoration my puppet included with the tribute he sent. When I count out the tribute it will make you hornier and hornier as the total rises, just seeing all that cash in my hand makes you so hard!

It’s been over a year and still I have videos from my slave Goodboy4Kyaa’s visit that have yet to be released. This is a brand new video that every sub male needs in his collection. Yes, he is still serving me. Yes he is still collared and as you will see in the video linked above, he is still regularly sending me tributes from afar and dreams daily of being blessed with another chance to serve in my presence again.

Live Domination – Chained Bitch Sniffs My Sweaty Feet Through Gasmask
I smush my bare feet up against the eye-pieces so he can see my toes, right there in front of his face, and yet he does not get to touch. When I spread my toes out across the front of the gas mask, right across the holes where my powerless minion is sucking air, I can feel pressure from him trying desperately to inhale my foot smell, and it tickles! I giggle, loudly, and keep covering the holes of the gas mask so he has to struggle to event take in air.

I’ve had Domme Jayne come visit me twice now and both times we are so busy either just hanging out or teasing losers live on camera that we haven’t filmed as much as we planned. We are both music lovers, science geeks and highly sexually charged women who can’t get enough of making sub men do unspeakable things to themselves.

These are some of the very first videos we filmed together. By the end of the second weekend the videos were getting better and better as we started to find our rhythm. Buy all the videos we film together up quickly! There will be more to come on a regular basis since she is planning monthly trips to see me.

Training Sissy Fuckholes To Be Pimped Out
This video is designed to train sissified sluts (like you!) to suck and get fucked so that you can be pimped out on the streets like a good whore. Learning to be a good cocksucker and fuckhole for any cock we put in front of you is your destiny. There is no point in fighting it, but don’t worry… we are going to make sure it’s easy to be our slut-for-hire by teasing you with our asses and perky young tits!

Godess Kyaa with Domme Jayne – Summer Sandals
Click and pay now, weakling. From now on you will get uncomfortably aroused when you see a woman wearing even the most simple pair of sandals because you will think of this video.

4 thoughts on “New Media Update, Sep. 17th 2012

  1. Thank you almighty Goddess Kyaa for taking the time to provide us weak slaves with a navigable index for your most recent clips. You are too kind to us! I especially like the “Silver Metal Lipstick Humiliation” clip, as your perfect lips are fascinating to a lip fetishist like me. You truly know how to own slaves through every part of your perfectly divine body and mind.

  2. Divine Goddess Kyaa, thankyou for drawing our attention to these wonderful clips, and for explaining the priority we should give to buying them, watching them and learning from them. I have already watched and loved several from the list. It is a precious BONUS to get insights about why You especially want us to have particular clips.

    I loved the “Kneel, and Bask in My Glory” clip, and have watched it several times, “on my knees, hands in front of me, palms together in the prayer position” – it really helps to develop my impoverished ability to Worship, giving me the time and mental space to more fully appreciate the Awesome Miracle of Goddess Kyaa.

    It was such a rare privilege to experience You “Lacing Up Your Fetish Boots”. Incredibly hot, of course, but also entertaining throughout, and of course very educational! The clips featuring your “Red Leather Couch” were also brilliant.

    Thank You for recommending “Opening a Special Gift from GB4K”. I hadn’t realized that a gift opening clip could itself be such a hot and valuable gift itself, thanks to Your Perfection, your adorable level of “financial arousal”, and the wise words of advice you offer to us.

    I have bought more from the list and will eagerly let them deepen my love for You, Goddess Kyaa!

  3. i did make a comment early this morning,but for some reason [on my end ,@DommeKyaa’s southern front] i don’t think it went through.It was long ,haha,so maybe for the better.i can simplify it.

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence,for without that privilege,nothings else matters or happens.Thank You on behalf of the thousands of people over the past year You have made smile and laugh because You allow me to wear Your collar,with Your Name engraved it, [ Kyaas’s ] it is more than i deserve for that sacred honor.Thank You Goddess Kyaa.

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for letting me “go to You”,crawl to You,travel to You and be in Your presence for 10-12 hours a day for 4 days strait to suffer,be used and abused by You was more than a dream.[ i am a little partial to Worshiping Your strap on cock videos,because it is my sex,,,#true ,and lets face it,,i am a dirty little whore].Except for those car rides,not to crazy about those ,,,,,but to surrender to You in that way was indescribable.That is what made me deal with those car rides,total surrender to You.brrr It makes me quiver. If anything,i remember being so hot,but i knew where i belonged .What i know now,that i did not know then ,is it made You happy.So today i can laugh at Your Sadistic Evil.haha

    With the luxury of hindsight,for me,now i know, i was in complete awe of Your Beauty,Your Voice,they way You walk ,just the way You operate,to even be in the same room as You,so when i dream everyday about being in Your presence again,i think i would be a little more,,[,for lack of a better word],comfortable.Like ,i remember You telling me “be aware of the camera loser” hehe,,,that way comfortable. Does that make sense ?

    Thank You for all of Your videos Goddess Kyaa,i love reading Your descriptions that are written by Your precious hand.It is a special look into the mind of my Owner.

  4. Divine One, the video “Kneel and Bask in My Glory” is the most wonderful EVER ! As You say every clip is special and a blessing upon us, but this is truly wonderful. i have watched from my knees, over and over, never stroking just watching and listening to Your Holy words, gazing in awe at the Vision Divine Perfection, the Living God i am blessed to belong to. You are The Light of The World, Kyaaism is The Truth and The Way.
    To kneel in devout prayer, praising and thanking You is food for my soul.
    i Worship and Adore You.


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