Home & Happy

We got home yesterday early in the day and collapsed into bed after a very long drive. Well… My girlfriend drove and I stayed up (almost) all night to keep her company. I have so much to share, a hundred + photos and lots of plans for future travel already forming in my head. Right now I am just going to share a few choice fun little tidbits from my trip. Once enough of you have begged and pleaded for me to share every detail (I’ve already started working on what will be a huge post!) I will publish an expanded trip breakdown here for my faithful minions as well as a few very special videos that I filmed on my trip on Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale for everyone to buy.

Drool over these photos but they are far from the best photos from my trip. To get more you need to take the time to thank me and beg! I just love it when I have my minions all clamoring for more.

We drove through the night to arrive in Yosemite just a few hours before sunset. We ate dinner and watched the stars until sunrise. We witnessed a near-perfect sunrise from Glacier Point, overlooking El Capitan and this was just one of the photos we took. I have many more to share in the expanded trip breakdown!
As we drove from place to place there was some traffic. Whenever we were stopped I couldn’t help but want to stand up in my seat and just soak in the extreme beauty all around me. I know that just seeing me poking my head up out of the sunroof like this is enough to make some of you wet in your sissy panties and you don’t even know why.
My girlfriend was a nature photographer before she started taking kinky pictures of me so she know’s all the great spots to stop and look out at the amazing views Yosemite has to offer. It was just the wrong time of day at this spot for taking photos of people because the photographers shadow was long enough to get in the frame every time! I said “fuck it” – after all, this is the closest you minions have ever gotten to a photo of her! And so, let me present, a distorted shadow of my girlfriends hands as she holds up my lil digital camera to take this photo of me standing on the rocks over looking the Yosemite valley.
One of the last stops we made in the park was at a little spot besides a cool river after a hike that had me sweating like crazy. I was hot and uncomfortable so my girlfriend found a nice spot for me. 10 minutes of splashing around in glacier melt had me feeling quite refreshed!
The first time I ever put money in a slot machine and I won nearly %500 of what I bet. Not bad.
For the first 3 nights we stayed in a fancier room with red accents. It was on the 27th floor of the Paris & had a fucking amazing view down the strip. The next couple of nights were in a room paid for by my girlfriends parents who met us in Las Vegas and was much less nice than this one, but I’m not one to argue with a free room.
The Paris isn’t the best place on the Strip but it was fun and cheesy, a great way to be introduced to the gaudy-ness that is much of Vegas.
On the way into Vegas it was dark and I didn’t get to see the desert, but on the way home it was mid-day. I have more photos and lots to say on what I thought about the desert in my expanded trip breakdown. For now, here’s a shot of me in the car we made the drive in! Just imagine sitting next to me for 2500 miles!

This last photo is a little puzzle my girlfriend came up with for you horny minions! We snapped this next to a Mystery Mailbox somewhere at sometime on our road trip and it’s up to YOU fools to figure out where I am in this photo!

Comment below with your guess! I will reward the first 5 submissive males who can correctly answer where this Mystery Mailbox is with a %50 off coupon for my Kinkbomb and a FREE zip folder full of photos from my trip that won’t be published elsewhere!

Whether you guess the location of this Mystery Mailbox or not you should make sure to leave a comment expressing how completely desperate you are for more photos from my trip! I have over 100 photos of me posing in different places around Yosemite, Las Vegas and the desert on the way home plus many many more of the awe-inspiring nature and neon-covered city I spent the last week exploring.

12 thoughts on “Home & Happy

  1. Goddess Kyaa , the best answer I can think of to your question “Where am I?” when you are pictured in front of a mailbox with “I Want 2 Believe” written on it, is right at the forefront of the lonely, desolate minds of all your minions, eager as we are to believe in You as our One True Goddess!

    But I suppose the others could be right about the Area 51 theory as well …

    Reggie Law, eager minion


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