It’s late now, so I’ll make this quick… before I am just too tired to give a fuck.

-Went out & got pampered today. Massage, mani/pedi. Girlfriend got waxed allll over for me. I can’t touch till tomorrow but, mmm. That will be a yummy snack when we stop on the road to Las Vegas at some point.

-I was done before my girlfriend so I walked down the street to a nearby park. For months now it has been covered in these virmen some people find precious for some reason & they get upset when I kick the screaming balls of germs away from me so I can play on the swings. This happens every summer. Then, joyously, school starts and the local parks are empty from about 8am-2pm. One glance at that playground and I nearly started running for the swing set. The few adults jogging by or picnicking nearby watched with bewilderment as I (a nearly 25 year old adult woman who owns her own buisness, reads Shakespeare and travels the world) played without any shame. I actually was laughing out loud, and it just made me laugh out loud at myself for laughing out loud. Here are a couple of photos of me playing. I took a short video and if I can be bothered I will upload it one of these days.

Hanging upside down, looking at all the horny sub males down there below me where they belong.
My personal favorite. I could swing for hours. And yes, you can read that multiple ways and it’s still true.

If you follow me on twitter (which, duh, you should be!) then you would have already seen that first photo, the one of my beautiful sparkling finger and toenails. What you wouldn’t know from just the tweet I sent with that photo this afternoon while in the park was that I took it sitting on a little wooden bridge between two large slides.

That’s all for now, my minions.

Do my bidding while I sleep! Go seek out the new video I posted to my Kinkbomb and buy it, rate it and leave feedback. Then check back here tomorrow evening for more updates.

6 thoughts on “Playtime

  1. Thank you so much Goddess Kyaa for sharing this pictures with us. You are right to enjoy the life you live. You deserve it more than anybody else in this world. The people who looked at you and probably talked about you while you were having fun for sure didn’t have as much fun as you. They are probably just jealous seeing you doing the things you like to do while they have to work ten times as hard as you do te earn just a fraction of what you earn. I hope you enjoy your life the way you deserve and I strive to contribute to that. Right now I hope you have a wonderful stay in Vegas.

  2. Mmmmmmm! Oh Goddess Kyaa!!!! Your lips so puffy and smirking…Your hair sparkling so golden in the sunbeams…the teasing little glimpse of Your Perfect cleavage…the chain in the photo, because in chains for You is where I belong…the hints of Your armpits even though You’re not flaunting them completely as You so easily could…

    What a Perfect vision You are Goddess Kyaa!

  3. Thank You Goddess for these fun pics of you just enjoying life! Such natural beauty with the sun dancing on your perfect face. I was amused to your views on kids. Is it others peoples kids you don’t like or enjoy? Would you ever want children of your own or do you not like kids in general? Very curios on your true feeling on kids and why?

  4. Thank You so much Divine One for sharing Your joyous fun with us, You are always so good to us letting us see into a small part of Your life. Your joy is our joy, You are all important.

  5. Thank You for these photos Goddess Kyaa.Can i say these photos are “cool ?”, because they are, as my first thought was “it would have been cool to be in that park and see You singing on a swing.#giggle.
    Once again,believe it or not, just yesterday while i was at work for You,i was thinking [ because You mentioned about a 2 day trip on twitter ] ,hmmm, i had not heard You mention “anything” about flying to Vegas. Now i know,It sounds like You are driving.That too ,to me is cool.Driving to Vegas,You get to see things,compared to 20,000 feet in the air………. unlike me,when You let me visit You,to be used by You, and You decided to keep me blindfolded,hooded,handcuffed and chained to the floor,,lol i could not see any of Your gorgeous scenery…haha.. but..i was lucky enough to be allowed to breath Your air which was more the i deserve.Thank You very much Goddess Kyaa !
    P.S. hehe………
    The only time i seem to get slightly claustrophobic is in a car,when i am not driving it.Then add in being blindfolded,hooded,handcuffed and chained , well, it just kind of adds to the effect.#giggle
    i do not seem to get claustrophobic in planes,trains, or with Your collar locked around my loser neck,nor with Your sin cage locked on my dicklet [that You own],nor in Your gas mask, or locked in Your animal cage. #blush #giggle Thank You Goddess Kyaa for taking the time to write another chapter in Your Sadistic Bible,Your Holy Word to follow,obey, and Worship Your Sacred Image.


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