Domme Dose sub article

Some random sub I don’t know wrote an article for the Domme Dose that I know several of my minions will find solidarity in:

This is the comment I left in reply to it:

“Some subs earn my respect (because respect must be earned, it is not a given) while others are treated like worthless scum because they are worthless scum.

It’s a case by case basis, with me. Anyone who has spent time serving me or even following my blog/twitter would know that I have submissive males serving me that I care about and who’s lives I have changed for the better.

Also, most of my favored minions are dirt poor. Dedication means more than anything else.”

Read the article and comment!

2 thoughts on “Domme Dose sub article

  1. How do/did i miss this post. It baffles when i go back and look at Your posts and did not comment.This is beautiful Goddess Kyaa.i was actually looking for something else You said….and i saw this.Thank You to be allowed to know of Your existence Goddess Kyaa.


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