New Media Update: September 1st, 2012

All through the end of July and most of August I was so busy that I barely managed to get more than single new post each week published. In the past two weeks however I’ve been spending a lot more time writing and preparing posts in advance and I’ve also had subs submitting articles for filler days. One of the regular posts I want to start doing more often is this New Media Update. This will be the first one since mid July, so there are quite a few videos listed in this post! To include all the gifs for each of these videos in this post would take an obscene amount of time to load on the ancient computers most of you have. To save space/time/energy I’m simply listing the titles of each new video and linking them to the 720p HD version of the video.

What you are going to do is click on each title, read the description (each description is like a short piece of femdom erotica) and view the gif (every one is a hypnotic image that will have you drooling mindlessly) then add them to the cart and buy up every one that makes you weak and horny.

All you have to do is click on the title to be taken to 720p HD version of the video on Kinkbomb!

New Media as of 9-1-2012

Goddess Kyaa’s 16” Monster Cock V Sissy Mindi’s Mouth

Topless Goddess & 16 inch Strap-On Fuckover Photo

An Expensive Addiction With An Intense High

Goddess Kyaa and Domme Jayne: Watching sissy sploshes walk in the woods- live reaction recording 

Perverted Law Breaker is Sentenced to Feminization by Empress Kyaa

‘Click, Pay, Stroke’ Under My Desk Fuckover

Worship Me, worm!

Humiliation For My Minions From My Alaskan Cabin

Showers in The Studio for the 1st Time

Serve Selflessly

Cum Quick! For My Soft Naked Legs

Because I’m Perfect

Be My New Heel Shopping Addict

Your New Zipper Fetish

Stroke For Royalty

Lucky To Serve My Legs

“My Feet are your Lord”

Goddess Kyaa’s Post Workout Fatboy Humiliation

Click, pay, stroke! 

I am going away to Las Vegas next week and will be gone for 7 whole days. While I’m away it’s important that you add new videos to your collection and spend extra time being my obedient addict, obsessing and worshiping even when I am not in the studio to pay attention to you.

My videos are a great way to begin your life of service, deepen your faith in Kyaaism, learn more about me or have your cock drained (you horny thing, you!) for me.  The videos listed above are just the newest out of thousands of videos I have produced over the past 4 years. Visit my Kinkbomb now and start searching for videos and photosets to add to your collection.

2 thoughts on “New Media Update: September 1st, 2012

  1. Divine One Your vast library of videos is an instructional guide to become what we were all born to be, disciples of Your teaching, grovelling servants kneeling at Your Holy Feet.. Even those poor lost souls who have yet to see the light and let the truth of Kyaaism into their souls can and will become better pets for You via Your teachings. The descriptions alone are worth the cost of the video. The vast number of topics covered gives new acolytes so many paths to travel to reach the nirvana of enlightenment that is Kyaaism that it is impossible not to be saved.
    You are our Owner, our God, our Teacher and our Saviour.

    To kneel before You in prayer and to surrender ourselves and our worldly goods to You is to be reborn, reborn anew, reborn to what we were always destined to be, Kyaaists !!

    Thank You Divine One for all You do for us, You bless us with Your Divine Kindness each and every day. You are The truth and the light.

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for Your Video Bible of the Way, the Truth and the Light.One of the many things about Your words [descriptions] that always makes me humble, is when i read them,i know with out a shadow of a doubt that Your own my body,mind and soul.In Your words is the direction i desperately need for my pathetic life,so i may continue to learn how to make You happy.i read them and i melt. i talk to myself every time i read them,i dwell on them for days on end.Its like,You either know what i am thinking,and then You have the power to put my every thought into Your words or my loser mind is daily being transformed into what You want it to be.It seems You know what i am thinking before i do.giggle That is beautifully sadistic.

    After reading Your words,it is foreign to me,i cannot even comprehend how anyone would not begin to watch Your videos which cover every aspect on how to please You.They show how You can be kind,cruel,sadistic.They teach how to humiliate,degrade,Worship and suffer for Your amusement.They teach the Religion of Kyaaism.Your videos teach sissy’s how to be good whores for You.And last but not least they teach how to earn the privilege to commit filthy sin,beg and pray to You for Your forgiveness and surrender everything to You. Money,body,mind and soul to use as You deem fit.


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