Pay for My 1st Vegas Road Trip!

This month my girlfriend is taking me to Vegas for the first time in less than two weeks!

I’m full of youthful glee. Honestly, I’ve been having to distract myself with more immedate awesome activities like having Domme Jayne over last weekend to keep from bouncing off the walls.

She is planning this whole road trip down there through Yosemite and staying on the strip somewhere nice (of course) while we spend a few days seeing shows and gamboling (and gambling) about the adult playground of America.

We are going to be gone for over a week. While I am away I will obviously not be in the studio to film normal custom videos but I am open to shooting custom videos in Vegas for minions that want to tribute enough for such a treat.

I am a fucking huge fan of road trips. The Vegas road trip is one to not be taken lightly, it’s a classic American experience that I have yet to savor and you get to help fund my adventure.

My travels earlier this summer to Alaska were on quite short notice and since I was there for a wedding I didn’t have much time to film anyway. This upcoming trip to Vegas is going to be full of chances to take photos, film & I am even planning on meeting up with a couple of wicked women I’ve wanted to get face-to-face with for a while now.

Candid humiliation video I filmed in my Alaskan cabin this summer:

To make this the best first Vegas road trip ever I am calling on all of you to spend lots of cash buying clips and spoil me totally fucking rotten. I want to have lots of spending cash and my every expense covered. If you’re lucky, I will end win big with some cash you sent me and return to rainy Portland with even more money than when I left.

Use the link below to send $100 in tribute to help pay for the fun I will be having in Vegas this month, or you can simply contact me personally to ask how you can best help make this a perfect first Vegas road trip! I will be letting you boys in on every little detail, posting a ton of photos to my twitter and updating my website with lots of free videos of my road trip and all the Vegas adventures we are having, so long as I get a few of you stepping up to make this trip special.

Tribute for My Travel Costs:

Send tributes for my Vegas trip to encourage me to film more videos than the two I did in Alaska this summer.

I will be on my Vegas road trip September 8th – 16th! Write it on your calender and send tribute to help cover the our expenses.

Expenses include but are not excluded to:


hotel room

live shows

shopping (of course!)


spa/massages after dancing all night


So click and pay, minions! It’s your job to pay for my fabulous life.

5 thoughts on “Pay for My 1st Vegas Road Trip!

  1. You might want to warn Vegas, they may not be ready for you Goddess Kyaa! I have a feeling this will go very very well for you 🙂

  2. Thank you Goddess Kyaa for sharing this with us. I think you earn it to make these trips every month so it is our task to tribute every time you want to go on a trip somewhere. I will tribute for sure and will follow you every step in Vegas. Every hour I will check the site if there is news from you. You are more important to me then anyone else in this world.

  3. Your pleasure is our pleasure, to please You is everything. Knowing that i may of in some small way contributed to Your trip is more reward than i deserve. Thank You so much Divine One, i worship You !

  4. Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence and for the privilege to follow You as sheep follow a shepherd,and watch You live Your fabulous life through Your words and videos.When You are happy,it really makes me happy.Thank You Goddess Kyaa for making me happy and giving my pathetic life it’s only purpose, to live my life to make You happy.

    i have come to realize, that any time You decide to leave the gates of Your Empire and go down into the world below You, to live Your beautiful life,my daily Worship and Devotion to You is more intense. It is when i most fall back on everything You have so graciously taught me,to be a prim and proper sissy as i anxiously wait for Your return to rule over Your Empire.As a /Your well trained animal,when You are away,i curl up on the floor,lay my head on my paws and quietly wait for You to come back home.
    So i cannot help but wonder,who is taking care of Buffy.Of course if You want me to take care of That Darn Cat,,i will start walking to the airport now.#giggle..What an awesome responsibility that would be. Imagine Your slave losing Your cat. oh my….Thank You Goddess Kyaa


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