Weekend of Non-Stop Double Domination with Domme Jayne

If you follow my twitter you know that my weekend was a busy one! Domme Jayne was here and we were going nearly 24 hours a day all weekend long. Every second we were online there were horny sub males lining up to beg at our feet. We barely took time to film videos, despite how much fucking time we spent dressed up and on camera. Almost the entire time we were live on camera, with weak addicts begging for more. I’ve made a little collage of screenshots from our weekend on camera that will have you aching to be able to get teased by us together on camera the next time she comes to visit.

 Luckily for you that will be in just a few weeks! Most cam time for her next visit will be by appointment only! We are going to require you to schedule it and send a basic tribute in advance to secure a bit of our precious time.

There will be more information for you losers on that soon, plus a full breakdown of all the fun we had and our plans for the future.

For now you need to be making your way over to our Kinkbomb stores and SPENDING.


http://foxyroxyx.kinkbomb.com/ (Yes, this is Domme Jayne’s Kinkbomb link, for now. They have yet to update her link for her since her name change due to some technical issues.)

My minions and faithful fans need to be especially focused on spending, spoiling and shopping for me as much as possible over the next two months! As of tomorrow the countdown starts. Goddess Day 2012 is just around the corner and you need to be preparing. But don’t wait to tribute, though. In just two weeks my girlfriend is taking me to Vegas for an early birthday present (again, I have a whole post on this coming VERY soon!) and I will be expecting a few of you to step up and send tributes specifically for this trip!

3 thoughts on “Weekend of Non-Stop Double Domination with Domme Jayne

  1. Every lowly human male on the planet should be prostrate at Your Holy feet praying and begging to be used by You, to Your pet, Your toy, and thanking Your kindness.

  2. Once again You have made me happy Goddess Kyaa to know that You and Domme Jayne had a great time with each other and were so busy degrading,humiliating,and abusing males for Your amusement.When submissive males are lined up for You and Domme Jayne to use and abuse,i know i can go lay down in Your cage and relax. i say that because,i am not sure of the reasons why,but i get nervous,scared or both about being on cam.i know there is no need to be sacred,because all i need to do is obey……. or it could simply be that You have spoiled me rotten by allowing me in Your presence and nothing else can compare.#blush i believe there is a lot of truth to that. giggle


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