Free Pillow Fight Video with Domme Jayne!

Between NiteFlirt calls, Skype humiliation sessions and all the worshiping our minions were doing, Domme Jayne and I have been pillow fighting and wrestling quite a bit. We actually started taking photos at one point. I set my little pink point-and-shoot up so it would take 15 photos in 30 seconds. We began having short little pillow battles and then checking out the photos before the next round. This went on for a bit but then I hit “record” instead and we got this gem.

Watch this totally candid video. In it we give each other challenging looks, faking each other out then attacking, giggling and falling all over each other, limbs and pillows going everywhere as we collapse into a ball of soft flesh and pink panties. Then I scoop the camera up while Domme Jayne still has me pinned down and realize we are recording a video! Her reaction is so fucking cute! Really, this whole thing is so fucking cute you ache for more… and that’s why you should be sending tribute to both of us so that you can join the sexiest sleepover ever.

When you hit play you will notice that we are listening to music, a sure sign that we were not aware that we were recording. Don’t you just love the purity of a video like this? We are really just fucking going for it and enjoying ourselves, having a giggle as we pillow fight and loving it. Since we were listening to loud music this painfully hot video can’t go up for sale, but I can share it here for free viewing on my blog. Obviously the music in this video is not mine, it is just something playing on the radio.

We will be online ALL of Sunday as well! Go to the homepage to get all the links you need to contact us and join our sexy adult sleepover.


4 thoughts on “Free Pillow Fight Video with Domme Jayne!

  1. The look of joyful happiness on two beautiful faces, the laughter and giggling, it is such a privilege and pleasure for us of the lessor species to be allowed to see You having fun.
    Thank You Divine One for the blessings You bestow upon us.
    You are, as ever, as kind as You are beautiful.

  2. Thank You! This video made my day! I loved watching you having so much fun. Domme Jayne seems like such a very nice sweet friend to you. I hope it grows into a great friendship. This clip was also extremely hot and sexy! I loved every second watching the 2 of you go at it. I wish i was one of those pillows!

  3. Thank You for this very cool, candid video Goddess. i loved the look on Domme Jayne’s face when She realized it was recording! haha You two really make a dynamic team!

  4. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this delicious treat of raw beauty ! In this instance i am happy You made one mistake and hit the wrong button on Your camera.Perfect !


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