Quick post: Humiliation Photos – haloslave in chastity for Goddess Kyaa

Domme Jayne is HERE! We are busy having a total fucking blast. Last night we stayed up late teasing boys and filming, but our weekend of fun is only just beginning. This morning we decided that we would spend the rest of the day in our cute pink PJs lounging around and being adorable and sadistic.

We invite you all to join our sleepover! Worship our bubble butts in our pink panties, drool over our cute PJ pants and perky tits in our pink bras… we will dress up our sissies, humiliate little dicked losers, make our jerk addicts cum on command, tease foot boys with our wiggling toes and exploit the weaknesses of any minion that is lucky enough to be online today!

Before I let you have any of the delectable photos or another Day of Worship Tease Video I have a little something from an unworthy devotee that has been begging to be humiliated by me for a while now. I am finally allowing him to see his photos featured on my website, now that he has spent a nice long while in chastity for me. Look at the photographic proof he has sent even today of his pathetic little clitty caged for me.

When I get an email like this I can’t help but smile. I love knowing that this bitch, like so many others, has locked his unworthy dicklet away in chastity in my name.

“please Goddess Kyaa, humiliate me by doing with these photo’s what you will.  I’m so embarrassed to take these pictures let alone send them to you, but at the same time it makes me so hard in my little clit cage.  i get so hard to your videos and the sound of your voice and your perfect body.”

And the attached photos just put the cherry on top of this kinky sundae.

See how he is worshiping my website with his useless clitty caged and locked up for me?
Changing into this plastic chastity device means he can stay locked up with ease for the rest of the day and really, the foreseeable future.

These photos are just further proof of my total control over the weak men of the world. This pathetic excuse for a man, locked away in chastity for me, is another example of my power. The minions who wear cages and have their orgasms restricted live a life of denial. Imagine having to be teased and taunted by me, to watch the videos I post each day, to serve and to never get to cum…

Have you ever worn a chastity device for me?

If you regularly dedicate your dick to me by caging it and being denied, confess in your comment below and thank me for sharing these photos so you know you are not the only one suffering in chastity for me.


8 thoughts on “Quick post: Humiliation Photos – haloslave in chastity for Goddess Kyaa

  1. Domme Kyaa, yes, I’ve spent stints in chastity in Your name, to worship your power and perfection, and I praise You for controlling YOUR dick and enlightening me in chaste devotion to You!


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