Submissions: Praise Me With Poetry

The poem below, submitted by a new-ish worshiper who is also talking about painting something for me, is one of the best I’ve been sent in a few months.

When a sub contacts me for the first time I love watching them fall in love hard and fast. Once they have sent an initial tribute, bought a few videos and have proven their obedience by completing a simple assignment or two they start looking for new ways to be useful. While I have told dozens of weak men to write for me, few have sent me anything beyond horny rambling. This poem is short, sweet and seems to me to express the awe that so many men experience not just at the beginning of their service to me but throughout their life of dedication.

Would you like to see something you’ve written or made featured on my website? Email me today to have your submission considered for publication.

Praise To Goddess Kyaa

“White upon white 
She’s so hard to see
It’s so hard to see in Her light 
A siren’s call from aether sea 
Man tamer — Through looking glass 
Even falling snow’s a black-mass 
A Shade to Her luminescent flame
See all other beauty waning
It’s ash fallen from Her blazing flora”

By: sub charles, August 19th 2012

4 thoughts on “Submissions: Praise Me With Poetry

  1. to praise The GOD Kyaa, that is normal. to please THE GOD Kyaa that is impossible how Perfection can be pleased by flawed imperfection yet a servant serves, a slave works and a worshipper got to try

  2. Praise be to You Goddess Kyaa.As You have promised through Your Holy Bible of Kyaaism that to unconditionally surrender to Your awesome power,confess and repent, accept and Obey Your gift of Salvation,that You will then decide how to use each and every one of Your disciples to please You. To be allowed to live life to make You happy is the only Joy to the World.

    Your eyes in the these two photos pierce right through me.They captivate my body,mind and soul.And reading Your words, when You said “few have sent Me anything beyond horny rambling” it did make me giggle and smile, because i see Your sense of humor and Your forgiveness at that same time.Praise be to You Goddess Kyaa.


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