Fiction – “To Serve and Obey” Part 1

This is a story which has been cooking away in my mind for a long time now. A few years ago my girlfriend and I had an interesting experience with a couple of cops who came to our house on a false domestic abuse call. A neighbor heard us fucking and thought someone was getting beat up in our house. This was at an previous home where we lived on a quiet street and had neighbors close by… we shouldn’t have been having rough sex with the windows open on a summer day, I guess.

They talked to us separately and when we both ended up telling the same sordid story of forgetting to close the windows before having a hard and loud fuck they appolgized for “disturbing” us and left, each looking a bit red in the cheeks.

That funny little encounter inspired the idea of a lone officer responding to a call and being entrapped, blackmailed, and trained as a slave. That idea has evolved over time into a complex and kinky story.

This is just the beginning of the story. In time you will get more, but for now… enjoy!

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To Serve and Obey

The dispatcher just said “Another complaint from Ms. McCreedy. Says that that someone is moving into the empty house across the street and they have “strange stuff” whatever that’s supposed to mean.”

Everyone else hated these annoying complaints from Ms. McCreedy, but not him. At least he knew what to expect.

All he had to do was sooth her fears and he could go away knowing he had made a citizen feel a little bit safer. Protect and serve, even nosy old women.

Before opening the cruiser door he snuck a quick glance at his reflection in the rear view. Over the years he had carefully maintained his naturally stocky body, military buzz cut and praticed his alpha attitude until even he was fooled by the image he saw looking back at him in the mirror. When he was a child he felt drawn towards his female classmates and other boys teased him for being chubby and feminine. Before he reached high school he had learner to play the part of the jock and loved the way that both girls seemed to want him just because of the uniform and fellow boys feared the authority. Since being a cop ran in the family it was a easy choice for him after he graduated. With the badge and the steady paycheck that comes with it he could have found a steady girlfriend, maybe even a wife by now.

Somehow none of that sounded right, and so he worked. Since he got the badge he had taken every extra shift, every shitty assignment, all in hopes of getting promoted. Instead, 10 years on the force and he was still responding to bullshit complaints from crazy old ladies. No one at the precinct respected him, he had might as well admit that. Getting caught by a secretary sniffing her heels when he thought no one was around doomed his career. She told everyone and he lived with the shame every day he was sent out on another shit call like this.

As he stepped out of the cruiser he looked across the street at Ms. McCreedy peeking out from behind her curtains and waved. She scowled and gestured to the house behind him as though to hurry him up.

Shaking his head he turned and looked for a moving truck or any “strange stuff” but there was just a girly sports car in the driveway and a few empty boxes in front of the garage. As he stepped up to the door he listened. There were multiple people in the house.

“Sounds like someone could be upstairs even.” he noted before trying the doorbell. It didn’t work so he knocked and announced that he was a police officer.

A moment later the door opened. Speechless, he stared.

In her early 20’s, taller than he and blond, her hair was in two bouncy little ponytails on the side of her head and she was wearing nothing but cut-off jean short shorts and a little pink bra. His eyes slid down her delicious body and stayed glued to her bare feet for nearly a full five seconds before she spoke and he realized that what he was doing was very wrong.

Her voice was sweet honey. It didn’t help the humiliation he was already feeling, knowing that she must have noticed him staring at her naked toes. “Come inside, officer. It’s hot out there.”

She turned and walked into the house. Following her swaying hips down the front hall was all he could do, he couldn’t think, he just followed her ass, legs and bare feet as she lead him into a kitchen. When she stopped at the bar by the sink and turned to face him again he stopped about and tried to clear his head.

Nervous now because of the blood rushing between his legs, he told her about the complaint and started asking questions by rote. A smile was growing on her face as he babbled and he knew she knew about the growing hard-on in his pants.

He realized that he had to get out of there, he had to escape. Backing up slowly he managed to say “Uh, so everything looks fine here… Sorry to bother you, ma’am.” She shook her head at him and it stopped him in his tracks.

Pausing nervously, his thoughts raced. “Why would she shake her head like that, like she doesn’t want me to go?”

“Come here.” She spoke to him with that honeyed voice and beckoned him with a single curled finger. While his feet carried him ever closer this mysterious and dangerous vixen he managed to tear his eyes away from her gaze long enough to glance down the front hall at the door. A tiny panicked voice in the back of his mind begged him escape one last time, to just run away and never look back. That voice was silenced instantly when she moved suddenly, taking two long strides to close the distance between them.

Face to face with her, his eyes fell naturally to her cleavage.

She was even taller than he had guessed.

Standing just inches away from him with her shoulders squared and her hands on her hips, she looked down at him with a sneer.

“Kiss. My. Feet.”

Each word was enunciated carefully and while her voice was still ambrosia there was a forcefulness behind each word that crumbled the walls he had been working so hard to build around his fetish for feet and weakness for women.

As his walls fell, so did he. Without considering that he was in uniform and on duty, he kissed her pink pedicured bare feet hungrily, kissing tiny kisses all over the tops of her feet and toes. Each kiss was a drink of water for a man long lost in an endless desert.

The fact that dispatch knew were he was, that he had heard other people in the house, that Ms. McCreedy watched him follow this sexy young woman inside, that his lips were now pressed against this womans feet when he had arrived here as an officer of the law, that if anyone ever found out what he was doing his life as he knew it would be over, none of it mattered in that moment.

The perfect moment was shattered as he was blinded with pain and flung onto his back by an unexpected and surprisingly powerful kick.


That’s all for now, but check back soon for more erotic fiction!

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11 thoughts on “Fiction – “To Serve and Obey” Part 1

  1. That was an amazing part 1!! Really builds it up. i know i am jealous of that officer. i would go crazy if i heard Goddess Kyaa say the words “Kiss my feet’ what a start!!

  2. You are an absolutely fabulous writer Goddess. In addition to all Your other attributes. Perfection is the best word to desccribe You indeed!

  3. i remember Goddess Kyaa of You speaking of that house in the “quiet ” neighborhood.What i remember is there always seemed to be action going on.Roofers,construction,etc.waking You up early all the time.


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