Why Fiction is Fun

Long before I knew what BDSM was I was hiding away with my notebooks and writing dirty tales of adventure and sex. Those notebooks, long since lost, were filled with fantasy (the elves and dragons kind of fantasy) and sci-fi stories, each with there own erotic twist.

In my late terns I discovered the online kink community and along with its treasure trove of erotic fiction that expanded my sexual horizonsand vocabulary like nothing else could. For a while I continued to write erotica for my pawn private pleasure, but soon I began craving more. On my 18th birthday I went to a local kink event (in NZ at the time) after which my life changed significantly. I started dating kinky girls and searching for a way to live my life the way I truly felt (feel) is right for me: being a kick ass kinky geek goddess.

For the past 7 years I have been too busy working hard and playing hard to write anything beyond the strictly necessary. Thankfully I don’t have to work so hard now that I have so many horny pay pigs and devoted worshipers sending tributes and buying videos each day, which leaves me more time for activaties like writing erotica.

I am excited to begin enticing new sub males into submission and deepen the devotion of committed minions with my until-recently untapped skill of mine.

If you have ever spent time reading my video descriptions on Kinkbomb or C4S then you’ll have an idea of what a treat any erotic fiction I share with you will be, but you may not realize just how delectable this treat is quite yet.

Even if you are not already a lover of vanilla fiction I will soon have you clamoring for my next sorrid story. Writing fiction allows me to play with characters, settings, fantasies and risque subjects that are either too taboo, costly/time consuming or flat out impossible to shoot as a video. Start getting excited for erotica full of fun words like ” forced,” “hypnosis,” “slave,” and even “blackmail,” to name but a few.

The first peice I have for you is a short story about a married man in uniform responding to dangerous 911 call and falling for a young vixens trap. This officer doesn’t stand a chance against her perky tits and that short skirt, even though he knows it’s wrong.

Look for it here this weekend, and keep checking back often because it will be the first of many!

* This post was written on my tablet! Yay! Writing and updating while on the go is awesome, but it means a greater margin of error. I am sure I didn’t catch every typo so I say to my grammar and spelling obsessed readers: Oh. Fucking. Well.

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