Quick update – 8/14/2012

It was a busy weekend for me and this month I will continue to be going a million miles an hour. From dominating weak males to the dozen or so posts I have half written, you boys have a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the second half of this month and all throughout September.

Monday this week was a “me” day. I spent it playing video games and hanging out with my girlfriend. She cooked a new favorite of mine, grilled Thai spicy chicken and some yummy portobella mushrooms smothered in the same Thai spicy marinade and grilled. We stayed up late watching the stars and rubbing up against each other in the moonlight. I am so excited about our Vegas trip next month (details soon!) and all the fun new places we get to touch each other in.

Today we spent the day running errands. We picked up packages, went to the crafting store & the produce market. We also prepped the house to have repair guys in (hopefully for the last time!) on Thursday.

From my stupid-yet-devoted addict, furfetishjoe. Good job, dummy!

Tonight I am writing. Hopefully I will have a few of these posts finished up soon and will be able to really get started posting each day, something small at least. I am accepting essays and photos from slaves who wish to be featured here on GoddessKyaa.com. Email me and let me know what it is you would like to see featured and I will let you know if I am at all interested.

Wednesday I will be online as per my schedule for this month on the homepage. I will be filming some videos, so if you would like a custom video before the end of this week you should email me to ask for this blessing and tribute before 5pm tomorrow and your pervert dreams may come true.

Since repair guys will be here Thursday (generally just to prep the house for winter/fix some damage from last winter) I will get a later start than 2pm, but if you watch my twitter that day I will keep you weaklings updated on what is happening.

Friday through Sunday is on hardcore, though. Don’t you make a single fucking plan for this weekend except to beg for my direction and tribute to be able to worship my body and obey my commands. I will be draining you all of your cash, cum and pride this weekend… again.

2 thoughts on “Quick update – 8/14/2012

  1. You are so kind to us all Divine One, blessing us with Your wise words, helpping us with ways to show our devotion to You. Thank You so much for lighting our world.


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