Exclusive Video on The Domme Dose & a Public Assignment

Occasionally I am really fucking nice and I let you lucky fucks get two free videos in a single day. Today is one of those days

As per usual you were first blessed with another daily worship tease video on the homepage.
Then, if you are clever (and follow me on twitter) you would have already seen the second free video of the day.

On The Domme Dose, a website that promotes female domination and financial slavery, you can find an exclusive tease video. Watch it again now if you haven’t already. If you haven’t see it yet you absolutely must go and watch it now. Once you have watched it (again) you need to comment. But not just any comment. I have an assignment for all the obedient males reading this.


Public Assignment, for the weekend of 08/10-08/12

1. Go to: Watch the video there that I made for slavebruce at the Domme Dose to post for all the DD readers. Make sure once you’ve watched the video you read the full post, there is some important information for you in there.

2. Post a comment. This comment must contain the following information:

a. The date of the last time you spent cash on me, whether to worship me live on camera, buying clips, sending tributes or buying gifts.
b. A thank you to the Domme Dose for posting that awesome video for everyone to see for free.

3. Return here and post comment on this post. The comment on this post must contain the following information:

a. The date you hope to next spend money for me.
b. A thank you to me for this easy to complete assignment.
c. Beg me to post more Public Assignments on my website for free so that you can always have something to do for me.

The last time my foot worshiper martin spent cash on me was today and I am sure he is hoping to spend money on me again very soon… but he will have to complete the assignment like everyone else & tell me!

3 thoughts on “Exclusive Video on The Domme Dose & a Public Assignment

  1. Thank You so much Goddess Kyaa for this assignment. I hope to spend money on You asap, as it’s my true role in life. I have nothing else that working hard and spending for You, so You don’t have to spend Your own money. Thank You so much..I’m more addicted to Your feet everyday..I’m a sad pathetic foot freak that works for Your stunning glory.
    I beg on my knees for more assignments..serving You is my highest honor in life..

  2. Every friday 15% of my gross [not clear ,before taxes hehe ] wages are put into Your collection plate.Thank You for this easy task to be allowed to profess publicly my unconditional faith and devotion to the Religion of Kya Am.i Pray that You will always keep me busy serving You.It is the only thing i know.my sole purpose in life is to have the chance to make You happy

  3. Divine One, i hope to spend money on You next weekend if not sooner, it is a pleasure to give to spend money on You. Thank You so much for giving us the task and for making it simple enough got our stupid minds to understand.
    Please give us more and more assignments so we can demonstrate our devotion to You.
    You are Perfection!


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