Busy with bullshit – Quick Update


The last time I posted was 5 days ago on goodboy4Kyaa’s 1 year anniversary of being a permanently collared slave. While I told you I’d be posting something the next day for you, something epic about his visit and collaring from my perspective, it obviously hasn’t been posted. Sadly there was a major disruption on Kinkbomb which has kept me busy sorting things out so there are not a ton of broken videos. If you haven’t noticed any videos returning an error message when you try to go to them on my Kinkbomb then all the work I’ve been doing in the past 5 days is showing. Unsurpisingly goodboy4Kyaa was the first to discover that videos of mine were missing or returning an error message about a “violation of terms of service.”

I’ve since learned that this is because of a sex-industry wide crackdown on content of people being “forced” to do things. Obviously I’m not forcing anyone to do anything in any of my content, but none-the-less we (kinky dominant women) are caught in the net with keywords like “slave,” “forced,” and “hypnosis” being banned across the board, regardless of how it is actually being used. What this means for someone like me is that I have adjust my jargon to what is currently accepted by “the powers that be.”

The only reason I’m posting anything here where you losers can read about this and not just talking about it with my fellow FemDom’s is so that you understand why you see language and keywords changing in my video descriptions, why you might still find the occasional video that gives you the TOS violation error and to assure everyone that as annoying as this is for me there is nothing for you to be worried or stressed about. This will in no way effect you, except perhaps when a video you want to buy is unavailable.. and well, boo-fucking-hoo. I have 1000 more videos to choose from and you can ALWAYS email me and tribute for a specific video to be sent to you directly or buy a custom video.

What I do not want is to hear any bitching, ranting or complaining about this shit. Now you know, move the fuck on to “mandatory orgasms” as video description instead of “forced orgasms” and just accept the change. I don’t like it either, but unless you are a millionaire and ready to be the next Larry Flint don’t even ask if there is anything that can be done about it. Really, this post is in large for my most devoted puppets. The ones who become so upset they either want to rage or cry (or both) when they think of something unpleasant happening that I have to deal with… and a restriction of my free speech like this is sure to strike a nerve with many of my favorite subs, but I don’t want to hear it, so keep it to yourself.

There are more than enough happy things for you boys to focus on. I’m traveling multiple times this year, making friends with a new Domme, my website is thriving and my birthday is FAST approaching!


4 thoughts on “Busy with bullshit – Quick Update

  1. Thank You for sharing. The description or title really doesn’t matter. I know the content within is all that counts. I can honestly say that all the clips i have bought both custom and generic rock! Thank You Goddess Kyaa for creating these masterpieces! You truly know how to drive me insane with lust, i am so Thankful!

  2. Thank You Goddess! Anyway, no change in words imposed will change the way I have my head spinning just reading Your video descriptions. And I’m preparing for the most important day of the year. At Your feet!

  3. giggle,,i got it Goddess Kyaa,,fuck, i have nothing to cry or bitch about. You allow me to wear Your collar with Your Holy Name around my neck.Thank You for writing this.


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