Goodboy4Kyaa’s 1st birthday as a permanently collared slave

On August 5th 2011 my slave goodboy4Kyaa was permanently collared in an epic collaring ceremony that was the beginning of 5 days of hard work and abuse in my studio.

Today we celebrate 1 full year of total dedication by this owned male.

My collared slave tries to take my 16 inch monster cock

I am going to begin today by reposing this journal entry my owned slave goodboy4Kyaa posted the day he returned home after his 5 day long ordeal under my personal control.

Later tonight I will be sharing some of my own thoughts on his collaring and tell everyone how the last year has gone for my slave, but for now I am going to let you all start by reading what he had to say about it just a few days after he had that band of titanium, inscribed with my name, locked permanently around his neck.

Well, i have returned to florida where i work for Goddess visit to serve Her in person was priceless.For Her to allow me to snap Her collar around my loser neck as a symbol of Her total and complete ownership of my pathetic loser life is the greatest honor i could ever have hoped to receive.For Her to preside over the ceremony of my collaring was very humbling.i did not see what She was wearing until the ceremony began.When i saw the dress She was wearing it was beautiful.She was radiant.What an honor that She chose me to be Her lifetime slave.i am so grateful that She has given me the privilege to serve Her every single day for the rest of my days.i do not deserve this but She has given it to me and so i will never question Her and will live my loser life for Her and Her alone.

i think i will start with the day that i had to leave Her presence.i always wake up early so i thought well let me go to the airport very early.There was nothing else to do at the hotel.i had been reading some comments on how i would get through security.i never really worried about that,but after reading “to much” it made me “think” which is never good.haha What if these concerns were correct ? So that is why i thought, well, i will go early just in case.

i had always thought what is the difference if my collar was still in the “box” and not around my neck? No problem right.TSA would scan it and it goes through. So i proceed.i looked for a female TSA to go through,my thinking being She would get it what this is.So i go through and of course ‘beep”,”beep”, “beep”.She points to my jewelry with a small grin/smile,i just kind of shook my head,and said it cannot me removed.i could tell She already knew that.All of this is happening like bam,bam,bam.She points me to the glass cage to wait to be searched and patted down.The next TSA agent ,an older man asks me which boxes are mine from the conveyor belt he takes my two boxes and says step over here.

He tells me what he is going to do ,bla bla bla.Do i have any objections.”No sir” go ahead.It gets to my jewelry and says something to the effect about it would be easy to get this off.i said no,and laugh not without some very strong lock cutters.There is no sense in trying to explain anything .i mean think about it.At first glance all one would see is a collar.But with closer examination.Which he did. He sees the “ring” for the leash.And the name “Kya”.They are not stupid.But is anything illegal? Absolutely not.

It was really very smooth.He says thank you for your patience you may go ahead.So now i am through security with about 5 hours until i board.i eat breakfast and do a little shopping.i am through security.No big deal i am home free.Right? i buy a couple bottle of Portland beer for when i get home. A calender for 2012 so i can mark the days off to hopefully be allowed to serve Goddess Kyaa again in person.A book and a few other things.Now mind you all these people see my collar which do not even know it is on.i do not even thing about it.They were all very nice and pleasant.i mean one guy wearing a t-shirt saying “create world peace kill everybody”.i am quite normal.haha

So i have about two hours till i board.All of a sudden i hear my name being called over airport speaker system.”michael ……..” please report to american airlines ticket agent.i am shocked! wtf.So i ask a TSA agent what am i supposed to do.i already went through security.He tells me to pick up the”white” phone and ask .

The girl says yes go back out of secured area back down to ticketing.So here we go.oh fuck.i leave secured area to ticketing.They tell me my flight is delayed 2 hrs and that they will get me to dallas but will be wednesday before i get to west palm beach.So they put me on a Continental flight going to houston then to PBI .So i have to do everything all over again.Go down to baggage get them form AA go to continental and get new boarding pass and check my bags back in.

So i tell the AA agent, yes,but i was already through security and bought some things that will not go through security.[the beer,and other things]She tells me to repack them into my checked baggage.By this time it is getting tight on time.i had to hurry to catch the Continental flight.So i am repacking in the airport sissy clothes all over.haha Check bags back in. Another $60.And get back in line to go back through security for the second time in the same airport !

Same thing going through security.”beep,beep beep” .Step into the glass cage.This TSA agent says .”that thing is heavy”.It is funny at this point .i say yeah the games we play.He says yes and we pay for them forever.i say yes sir haha

Anyway again no problem,just have to get searched that’s all.No big deal.i am happy they do.Think about the loser with the t-shirt,”kill everybody’.haha It is not me they have to worry about.i am harmless.Owned but harmless.haha

So i get to PBI at around 11pm.They lose one of my two bags.Which has all my things in it for my alter of Goddess Kyaa.Still do not have it.Getting a bad feeling about this.

One last thing when i say in a tweet “fuckyou to doubters and haters” i am NOT speaking of or to any other dommes.i would never say is more of the feeling of relief i have.Like fuck you world type thing.i wanted to clarify that.

5 thoughts on “Goodboy4Kyaa’s 1st birthday as a permanently collared slave

  1. Goodboy4kyaa, you are so lucky to be the slave of the beautiful Goddess Kyaa, I wish the beautiful Goddess was in in a room with me and her 16″ black strap-on and hope that I would not be able to sit down for days afterwards.

  2. he is an inspiration to us all, showing that dedication and devotion can bring rewards so great, few could even dream of them. But then he does have the most perfect, most divine, most Beautiful Goddess as his inspiration !!

  3. I envy him for 2 reasons. First of coarse is he got the honor and privilege of not only being owned by You but 5 days in your presence would be total heaven! 2nd is he has brass balls! He just doesn’t care what anyone thinks including his own family. I would crawl up in a ball and die if anyone but Goddess knew about my perverted ways,

  4. i think i need to slow down when i write.haha. my stupid brain moves faster than i can type.oh well.giggle That was quite a journey.Everyday i think about and i am really humbled that Goddess Kyaa decided to permanently collar me. It is kind of hard to believe,but it is true.Thank You Goddess Kyaa ! So much happens in those 5 days,it was incredible,non stop and very intense…for my first time. Looking back,,i don’t know if i was so much “scared” as much i wanted Her to be pleased with me.The car rides to begin and end everyday,to tell the truth did scare me.i am kind of a safety first type nut. Only good thing about the car rides is Goddess Kyaa personally chained and unchained me everyday and gave me a little slap to end everyday. i do miss it.i could get used to that.The car rides amused Goddess Kyaa,,which i did not know at the time.So that is how i look at it.She was happy!


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