Alaskan Adventures

(Click “Continue reading” below the first photo to go to the full post, with 30+ HD photos. It may take a while to load on your computer, but be ready to drool for the recap of my Alaskan adventures.)

It’s not often that I find myself traveling on short notice. After all, I’m one of those obsessive planners, confirming flights months in advance and packing a week before I leave, everything in it’s own individual (and labeled!) resealable plastic bag. This trip was a bit different. Even the most well thought out schemes may turn out in an unexpected way, but when there is little to no plan whatsoever all you can do is enjoy the adventure.

Before I left I had my bitch, sissy mindy aka goodboy4kyaa send me some cash to help cover my travel expenses. Almost every dollar I spent while in Alaska was from this stack of bills.

I love getting love letters full of $100 bills.

Since I decided to attend Mistress B and Derek’s wedding about 3 weeks before they were to walk down the isle I had little time to shop for a dress to wear to said wedding and pack for a trip to Alaska. This being my first trip to Alaska I felt the need to over pack, bringing clothing for both cold/wet and hot/dry weather. I knew I might be going on some hikes, but would also be spending at least one night dancing my ass off, so I would need multiple pairs of shoes. Oh dear, so much packing… and yet, with everything else going on I just didn’t get around to it until the last minute.

Luckily, with my girlfriends patient help I got everything together and crammed into my single suitcase. I brought along a second smaller hard case to bring back the one thing she wanted me to get her while in Alaska: “Dried meats.” We are so alike, she and I.

My flight wasn’t until late evening so I spent the day with her and my ball of furry cuteness, Buffy, drinking beer and playing video games. At this point I was already in full-on vacation mode, glorious vacation mode.

Mistress B seems to loath airports, while I on the other hand find them cathartic. Even if I am not traveling, I enjoy being in airports, especially busy airports. No, I don’t like all the standing in lines, but I do love to people watch. It’s something about being somewhere many people have been and will be, a hub of humanity. And as cliche and cheesy as it is, my stress melts away seeing everyone arriving and departing, reuniting with loved ones and saying sweet goodbye. 

I also happen to be an expert traveler. When flying I have clothing that is %100 cotton with no metal, pockets, zippers or buttons. I wear shoes that slip off easily and am always through security quickly and without a problem. I was still a little tipsy by the time I found my gate which made it all the more fun to discover that the plane from PDX to SeaTac was a small airplane that you got to get onto by going down onto the tarmac. I’ve flown in many small airplanes while traveling around the world and even though I get a little nervous I am always a little excited too. This time I was especially excited. The weather that evening was perfect and I knew I’d be sitting on the West-facing side of the plane as we flew North. I got a fantastic view of the sun above the clouds, and enjoyed a quick drink before we landed just 30 minutes after takeoff. 

Can you see the excitement on my face?
High above you losers, where I belong.
Cranberry juice and a tiny bottle of vodka, yum!
I am very much in love with the view from above, looking down at the clouds and the land below.

The airport in Seattle is one of my favorites but I didn’t get much time there. I had to haul ass from one end of the airport to the other to catch my connecting flight, but managed to get there with enough time for some random old man to hit on me. 

Picture this:

I was getting hungry and I knew it would be nearly midnight when I landed in Alaska so I bought a yogurt and granola cup from a small cafe that was still open and got in line as boarding was starting. I didn’t have long before I’d have to dump the yogurt and board so I was inhaling it in a very unladylike way. My headphones were on (a sure sign a girl doesn’t want you to talk to her, by the way!) and I had a mouth full of granola and yogurt when I noticed a bloated, white haired, wandering eyed old man in a suit with a breifcase in one hand trying to talk to me. All I saw was his mouth moving and then I cued into his other hand gesturing at the cup of yogurt I was holding. I pulled one side of my headphones away from my ear so I could hear him. 

“Where did you get that ice cream? I love ice cream.” 

“It’s not ice cream.”

“Oh, what is it, it looks like ice cream? I really want some ice cream. Don’t you hate it when…”

I cut him off, “It isn’t ice cream.” then readjusted my headphones so they were squarely over my ears. For a minute or two more he tried to talk to me but he eventually got that I wasn’t listening. 

Once boarded I was happy to find that I was no where near the desperate guy, seated at a West-facing window once again. I stayed in my seat for almost the entire 4 hours we were in the air, soaking in the longest sunest I’ve ever experienced.

As we flew North-West we chased the setting sun, giving me a spectacular view of the sky and glowing clouds for hours.

This beautiful red-gold-pink sunset lasted the full 4 hours of the flight. Truly spectacular.

Once I landed in Alaska it was a whirlwind of activity. I was picked up at the airport by Derek, who was even thoughtful enough to have gotten Thai food earlier that day to make sure there would be leftovers for me. (So sweet!)

Day 1, I was up early and helped pack the vehicles to bring everything for the wedding from Mistress B’s childhood home to where the wedding would take place. I rode with with Mistress B and Derek, giving us a little over an hour alone to talk about as much dirty stuff as we could. Mistress B ended up convincing us to play a rather silly road game, which turned quite sexual before the end. 

Once we arrived I got busy. It started when I first walked in to where the wedding reception would be and saw a little something that needed doing. I did it and then saw something else I could easily just get done since no one else seemed to be doing it. Before I realized what was happening I had dove in head first, helping with everything from unloading beer and wine from the truck to setting up tables. All thoughts of filming some dirty foot videos by the lake evaporated as I found myself comitting to showing up first thing the next morning to continue helping with wedding preparations. 

I couldn’t stop fawning over all the snow capped mountains, but I know all you want is to see more photos of me.

Day 2 in Alaska, the day before the wedding, I had reindeer sausage for breakfast (spicy and so delicious!) and then rushed off to finish getting everything ready. I made sure the rows of chairs were exactly as Mistress B wanted them, prepared flowers and told the DJ where to set up. The funniest moment of the day was when Mistress B asked me if I could please go get her special lip gloss out of her room upstairs. I was in the middle of something else so I asked if she would be okay with using the chapstick I had handy, but I got the answer I expected and went all the way upstairs just to get the bride her special lip gloss.

Even with as exhausted as I was by the end of the day I was so happy to have been a part of my dear friends upcoming wedding. The wine was abundant at the rehearsal dinner and by the time I got a ride back to the lodge I was staying at a few miles down the road I was ready to pass out in my dress.

Inside the inn behind me the wedding preparations are underway. Before the chairs and arbor were set up I took a moment to take this photo for you losers of the beautiful spot where Mistress B and her groom were wed.

Day 3, the day of the wedding, and once again I was ready to lend a hand with whatever needed doing first thing in the morning. The best part of the day (for me) was being one of the two women Mistress B had helping in her room while she got ready for the ceremony. There was a slight mishap with a shattered bottle of sparkling wine, but we still managed to drink most of it while we were doing make up and hair. I steamed her gorgeous raw silk wedding dress (first time steaming anything) and took photos until the photographer arrived.

We are about to step out onto the balcony so the bride can have one last smoke before walking down the isle.
This little moment alone we had was lovely. The excitement, the perfect view and weather, it was just a really great moment.

After the (extremely beautiful and moving) ceremony most of the guests went around to another part of the grounds for cocktails. The bride and groom had photos to take and since they were the only people I knew there I took the chance to go on a walk. I nabbed a beer went for a nice walk in my polka dot dress and enjoyed the first quiet 15 minutes I had alone since I arrived in Alaska.

In my pretty polka dot dress (brown to go with the wedding theme) and note the octopus earrings, hand made by Mistress B for me a year ago.

The rest of that night was spent eating lots of food and dancing until my feet were bleeding. No seriously, bleeding. By then I had taken so many photos of the mountains that my cameras batteries were running out so I don’t have any photos, but I did in fact dance until my feet bled. The stupid fucking flats I bought fit just a bit snugly and really chewed up my poor feet, though at the time I didn’t give a shit, I just danced.

I’m took this one quick snapshot toward the end of the night as I was taking a short break from getting my groove on.

Though it was well past midnight when I made it back to my room at the lodge I couldn’t sleep. I charged my camera for a while and headed out into the bright night. The wedding was on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and in Alaska a day where there is sky full of light 24 hours a day. I stayed up until 3am, walking in the cool early morning air and reveling in the strangeness of daylight in the middle of the night.

The ambient light at 2am was bright enough to read by, and seemed to come from everywhere at once. It was slightly creepy. I loved it.
The lack of shadows makes sneaking around rather easy…

Day 4, the day of the nature cruise and visit to an island in the Kenai Fjords, was the sunniest day of the whole week. The cruise left in the afternoon so I spent the morning doing some touristy shopping in the nearby town. I was on a mission for “dried meats” as my girlfriend had requested, and no one could stop me. It didn’t take long for someone to point me in the direction of a small shop called “Capt. Jack’s” (fitting, somehow) that sells meat and fish. I found a large assortment of jerky and salted meats and bought her a few of each as well as a few pounds of smoked salmon. I’ve been home for 2 weeks now and we had eaten nearly all of the $150 in meat and fish I brought home.

By this time I was having to hurry back to the pier so that I could check my bags of gifts, meat and fish before getting on the cruise. I checked my bags but left my scarf in one of the bags. This didn’t bother me until the boat pulled away from the dock and started to pick up speed. I realized I didn’t have my scarf to tie around my head to protect my ears and hair from the wind, but when you look at the photos below you will see why I didn’t care.

Walking down the pier toward the boat I wasn’t that excited yet. I have been on a few tourist cruises before, and none of them were very impressive.
As soon as the boat pulled away from the dock my hair started to fly wildly around my face, as you can see here.
So I put a fuckton of bobbypins in my hair, which helped the crazy hair problem, but not the cold ears.
It’s so beautiful! I know you losers are just looking at me, but try for a moment to look behind me at those majestic mountains.
I spent most of the day long cruise at the very bow of the ship.
I sat like this, turned into the wind and a smile plastered on my face.

The wind was overwhelming, strong and loud and damn cold. The sun was shining brightly but I felt frozen in the wind when the boat was moving (and fuck, that thing moved at some points) but then we would slow to look at wildlife and I’d start sweating in my London fog (borrowed from my girlfriend) and the strong sunshine. Even with sunblock I ended up with a burn on my nose that has only just finished healing. The messy hair and sunburnt nose didn’t matter to me because I was in awe, soaking in the water, the countless islands, fjords, glaciers, icebergs, mountains, birds (including real live wild puffins!), sea lions, whales and dolphins.

Our stop on one of the islands was short, just 1 hour, and I spend most of it stuffing my face at the all-you-can-eat steak and salmon buffet. Seriously this buffet was fit for royalty. Juicy, amazing steak and decedent salmon, plus a whole array of various sides and deserts. Someone from the national parks gave a presentation on the history of the area and showed off a bunch of animal skulls. I loved the orca skull, though it’s just a juvenile it’s still one of the largest skulls I’ve got to touch.

On Fox Island where we stopped for an hour and had lunch.
Here I am with Mistress B, both of us happy as can be!

When we made it back to the mainland Mistress B, Derek and I took off just the three of us, to the local aquarium. It’s been a while since I’ve been to an aquarium, and though it was a small one I was happy after getting to spend a while watching the octopus.

I look fucking nuts in this photo. I love cephalopods, can you tell?

The combination of that killer meal, all the wildlife and the breathtaking views you see in the photos I’ve included, made day 4 one of my favorite days of whole my life. 

One last photo from the cruise!

I’ve been home now for 2 weeks and I still want to take my girlfriend to Alaska and visit Mistress B (which are completely different trips) so badly it’s hard not to just say “fuck it” and buy tickets.

Thankfully, I’m logical enough to know that if I plan shit out I will do both trips and have an insane amount of fun while having enough time to film videos while in new and interesting places. The first on my list is the visit to Mistress B. I am missing her company and it’s up to you losers to help make this happen. I want to potentially visit her for my birthday in October, which gives you losers more than enough time to tribute for my travel and shopping costs.

Mistress B got a matching shirt while we were doing tourist shopping before the cruise. It’s so cute and very comfortable.

Click the links below to tribute through Kinkbomb, my preferred form of tribute. If for some reason you cannot use Kinkbomb you may email me (buy my Rules of Conduct to get my email!) and ask me if I will accept another form of tribute payment.

After you send tribute comment below and thank me for all the wonderful photos, the story of my first trip to Alaska and Mistress B’s wedding and for allowing you to tribute toward my future travels.

This is the view from my room at the lodge. Fucking amazing.
This rustic rocking chair sat outside my room. After getting coffee I would sit and and rock, soaking in the mountains and lake.
This was not far from the door of my room at the lodge. A pay right down to the lake with a nice bench to rest on. I wanted to spend more time there, but I was just too busy with the real reason I was in Alaska, Mistress B’s wedding.
The lodge I stayed at had a nice little bar, complete with dead things mounted on the wall and a very funny female bartender I spent time chatting to while drinking a beer each evening.
This is the lodge I stayed at. If you can get room #1 you will get to sleep in the same bed as me!
While I was waiting for Mistress B and Derek to pick me up for the drive back into Anchorage I was lounging on this large log and noticed the perfect shadow I was casting. I think it’s a great way to wrap up this massive post!

10 thoughts on “Alaskan Adventures

  1. Thank you for talking to me on nf Goddess. Your trip sounded amazing. Had always wanted to see the natural beauty and wilderness of Alaska. Love your picture with the mountain backdrop. Yes, there is a Goddess! You commanded it be done and has been done.

  2. Thank you Goddess for the wonderful account of your journey and all the pictures! The pictures of you having such a good time are priceless!

  3. Dear Goddess Kyaa,
    Thank you for sharing this with us. Alaska looks beautiful but you are even more breathtaking. I hope you will keep on the good work and I will develop into a good slave for you.

  4. Thank You for this wonderful story! And great pictures, too! You are so kind letting me see all this beauty, Goddess Kyaa!


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