Happy dependence day!

I have a quick video promotion update for my horny submissive males around the world in celebration of the American holiday, Independence Day, AKA, July 4th, the most ironic holiday for an addicted and obsessed loser to celebrate.

These videos are perfect to watch any day of the year but especially today, July 4th. In red, white and blue, looking so fucking dead sexy it hurts, each video will leave you aching for more. While I am eating, drinking and enjoying the fireworks with loved ones I want you to click and pay for these videos. When you place your order on Kinkbomb I get an email notification on my phone so even when I am out enjoying the explosions in the sky I will know you are exploding for me somewhere in the world.

#1 American Goddess
This video is a humiliating little tease in celebration of Independence Day, not just a sexy worship video of me decked out in red, white & blue, it is also reminder to everyone out there, especially you international perverts, of just how weak you are for me, the American Goddess who owns your loser ass… Click to read more and buy the full video.

Fourth of July Nails Worship
My long red nails have red, white & blue star shaped jewels applied to them in celebration of Independence Day! In honor of the Fourth of July I tap and tease with my nails, making you ache for my patriotic fingernails… Click here, read the rest of the description, drool over the preview image and buy this video now!

Star Spangled Toes
Wiggling my star spangled toes in your face I tease you for being so weak for my American Goddess feet and toes, making you worship them as you struggle not to stare up at my red and white striped panties.. Don’t hesitate, footbitch. Click here to read the full description, stare at the preview image of my feet and purchase this video!

Drool for My American Ass
My perky buns are the best way to celebrate your freedom if you are a fellow US citizen, and those international losers out there can worship the perky ass of the most perfect American Goddess ass you have ever dreamed about… Click here for one more July 4th themed video, an ass and panty up skirt tease that will drive any horny males dick mad!

Follow my twitter to get photos of me from today and updates on what I am doing, seeing, feeling, thinking, wanting, and what orders I have for you at the moment. Friday night you boys should be lucky enough to get an update on Alaska finally.

Don’t forget to thank me (that means rate this post and comment) for this short but hard-on inducing update and then go buy some fucking clips, dipshits!


PS: Don’t forget to go to my Pay Tribute page (look above!) to find a %25 off coupon code for my Kinkbomb store so you can pay a little less and buy a few more videos when you click, pay and stroke today!

5 thoughts on “Happy dependence day!

  1. Dear Goddess, thank you for this wonderful post. It is very kind of you to let us make our holidays more meaningful by blending them in with our devotion to you! Especially a great holiday like the fourth of July!

  2. As i Worshipped Your Young Perfect Body from the floor looking up, i did feel 4 huge explosions at the southern front of Your Empire Goddess Kyaa .To be free to be allowed by You to surrender all of my cash,cum and pride to You is more than i deserve.To be enslaved and forever used by You in Your Evil Sadistic Empire is a gift from You.Thank Goddess Kyaa for the freedom to serve You daily.


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