Is that a fucking throne? Yes it is.

I shot a 9 minute long video blog today and you lucky cunts get it for free… for now. Watch it while you can. Soon it will be up for sale on Kinkbomb and you will have to buy it to see it. Hit play and remember, no jerking without spending!

This video doesn’t exist

Obviously I have much to say and many photos from my trip to Alaska. I am saving that for it’s own special post, to go up in the next week. I’ve only just finished taking all the photos off my camera and transferring all the videos onto my hard drive and I haven’t even looked through half of the 500 photos and 25 videos I shot of everything from mountains and whales to the bride and groom’s last dance.

This main function of this post is to boast about that lovely throne my banished slave bought for me before I left for my trip. In the video blog above you get a good look at it as I am showing off the other gifts I recently received, but that video won’t be up for free forever. My girlfriend took some royally hot photos of me in my  new throne this afternoon before I shot the video blog. I’m including two with this post, and if you post a comment and ask nicely I will include a few more in another post tomorrow!

It’s about 11pm on Saturday night as I publish this post. I will be online for many hours more. I have been staying up quite late and getting up around noon so expect to be able to call on NiteFlirt and tribute to talk to me on Skype until after 3am PST.  I am still all dressed up in that killer pink party dress and if that isn’t enough of a reason to pay for my attention then perhaps knowing that I am in a fantastic mood. I’ve been in the mood to tease and torture horny sub males all day. Contact me now.!/DommeKyaa

13 thoughts on “Is that a fucking throne? Yes it is.

  1. Goddess, You on the throne – what an inspiration! That image really deserves prayer and worship – i have lost count of the number of edges i have had privilege to dedicate to You, Goddess Kyaa!


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