Travel & Website Announcements

I’m going to Alaska! I also have so much other awesome shit going on right now that I am too fucking busy to post the awesome massive post I want to post before I leave. (This short note didn’t even get posted until I got back because I didn’t have a connection in Alaska where I had intended on posting it!)

I made this extremely sensual video blog, sitting in the sun in a cute new summery skirt, before I left though. While I was gone it was up and free to view for anyone who came here… now though it is up for sale:

One thought on “Travel & Website Announcements

  1. As i am looking at Your magnificent beauty radiate in the sunshine and listening to Your every word about how busy You are going to be this summer living life, i could not help but think how once again i am so eternally grateful for Goddess .i guess it is ok for Your slave to use the word “cute” if it is used in the proper context.But yes ,You look so sassy cute Goddess Kyaa.Thank You to be allowed to know of Your existence!


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