Video Post: Wishlist haul! 6-8-2012

*Edit: since I didn’t get around to posting this until midnight it’s really Sunday already. Fuck it. Enjoy this post which was written up early on Saturday and wishlist haul which was filmed on Friday! Don’t forget to comment and thank me.

I’ve been busy but I still have gifts pouring in on a regular basis. So many of my fans and obsessed addicts love to click and pay on my Amazon wishlists. It’s not difficult to understand why… they shop, spending their hard earned cash on sexy clothing, props, expensive heels and jewelry. Then just a short while later it is delivered to me. I let my gifts pile up some, and every few weeks do a video like this.

This video is now for sale on Kinkbomb, soon to be for sale on Clips4Sale too. Click below to find it on Kinkbomb, buy it now and watch the full video as many times as your pervert heart desires. I open gifts, many gifts, and hint at upcoming videos. It’s a financial domination at it’s finest!

Remember, shop on my wishlist, or if you really want to make me happy by spending your money simply send an egift card or tribute via Kinkbomb. While gifts like this are fantastic, I love to be able to spend your money when I want, how I want.

On Monday or Tuesday I will be going with my girlfriend to pick up more package. I’m expecting some special items, so you can look forward to another wishlist haul video sometime soon.

Tomorrow night (that’s Sunday, dummy!) I will be posting a video blog with more information on what I am doing this month. How excited are you for all the wonderful content I keep updating with? Make sure you comment on every page and post you view, rate and “like” them too. Showing how much you adore my website will help encourage other obedient subs to take the leap and contact me.

Speaking of obedient subs, I’ve got a fun little story to share from tonight’s NiteFlirt calls. I turned my lines on around 3pm and until 10:30pm I didn’t get a single call that was more than a selfish wanker squirting in under 5 minutes and without even asking for my permission. Those types of wankers can be funny but they don’t state my sadistic desire to control and degrade an obedient male.

Then, finally, a call from a new supplicant who hadn’t spoken to me in the past. It didn’t take long for him to turn his camera on and confess that he was already fucking his ass with a hot dog for me. I had him turn around and sure enough, there it was, hanging out of his puckered hole.

I told him that if he asked nicely I might take a screenshot and put it up on my twitter and blog. Instantly he started whining, thankfully groveling as he begged me to humiliate him further. I had him flip onto his back, knees up around his ears, hot dog dangling out of his dirty ass.

It wasn’t hard to figure out that this loser has a thing for asses and learning about his foot fetish was effortless. This loser was so keen to tell me all about his perverted ways that he just kept giving me more information to use against him. Making this loser my addict will be so simple.

After about 20 minutes of being teased by my feet he couldn’t take anymore. The combination of my webcam (which he kept gasping and “oooo”ing at in the funniest way!) and the hot dog in his ass kept this bitch on the edge the entire time. Only moments after being told he was allowed to jerk it he was pleading for permission to cum. I ordered him to cum into the palm of his hand and lick it up, which he did without a word of resistance.

Then, to put a cherry on this kinky cake, this obedient male immediately left me feedback on NiteFlirt!

This screenshot has a few things that are noteworthy besides the hot-dog anal. Notice to the left my Phone With Cam listings feedback is now over 8400 making it one of the top rated active listings on NiteFlirt! It is still the only way you can just pick up the phone, call me and hear my voice. Though, you can tribute on Kinkbomb to worship me on camera without calling.

Also, the feedback below the hot dog fuckers is feedback from a regular custom JOI video buyer that cannot stop spending $50 for simple 5 minute custom wank orders. It’s been 4 years now that gary has been buying custom videos, clicking and paying then leaving feedback. Each weekend I shoot videos in whatever I happen to be wearing and give him special commands for his horny dick, then throughout the week he buys the videos and sends tributes whenever he watches them. This addict is a perfect example of another submissive male who just wants to be a good boy, who just wants to cum knowing that he has my permission and has paid for the honor. I enjoy shooting videos for him because he is always so fucking thankful. I get a tribute after he watches each video, putting a little smile on my face every time.

Tomorrow I will be online early and until about midnight, That means you get to spend all of Sunday surrendering to my perfection. Watch the Home page for another daily video and watch my Chronicles for a new video blog post.

Want to submit to me? Follow these simple instructions:

1. Follow me on twitter. That is where you will first hear about what I am doing and what I want you to be doing for me every day, not just Sunday.

2. Contact me directly, email is suggested. Tell me how you wish to serve and worship me.

3. Comment, “like” and rate every post and page you view on If you can, promote this website and do what you can to help spread the word of Kyaaism.

4 thoughts on “Video Post: Wishlist haul! 6-8-2012

  1. Great post Goddess and i love the way You are laughing hysterically as he fucks himself with the hotdog. This website is really amazing!

  2. Dear Goddess Kyaa,

    Thank you for creating this fantastic website. The free video is fantastic too, but then again all you do is great. Thank you for just giving us the chance to click,pay,obey.

  3. Everytime i look at Your website i feel it is to good to be true,but it is real because i am looking at it. i just can’t believe it.Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this video and for speaking.When i see a hairbrush,i never have seen one the same way since that day in Your midst.Losers should buy Your video of Hairbrush Spanking the Naughty sissy[around #35 on kinkbomb] if they want to see Your sadistic evil in all it’s glory.The dress You were wearing is beautiful.That video really brings out the You in You.When i saw Your expressions,and how much You enjoyed it,well,it did sting but it also made the pain feel all better to know You were pleased.i did not realize it at the time really,but it was a lot of spanks.

    When i hear You speak of kicking a losers balls with those pretty shoes,the first thing that cums to my sissy mind is,,, ummm,,castration would be the way to go on

    That is a pretty dress You are wearing tonight.i am looking forward to videos with the witch outfit.Please Goddess Kyaa, cast Your sadistic evil spell upon me.Inject me with Your special magic potion so to turn me into what You want me to be.


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