Upcoming exclusive content

It’s nearly midnight local time (that’s Pacific Standard Time, remember that!) and I am still up. I’ve had a busy as fuck day. Shopping for a dress to wear to Mistress B’s wedding (mission accomplished), getting a mani/pedi and picking up packages was somehow relaxing, even though I hate going out and doing anything on a Friday besides going out at night to have fun. When I got home I felt energized and pretty damn sexy after trying on so many hot dresses.

So I spent some time in the studio. I filmed some videos, 2 of which are going to be put up here on GoddessKyaa.com for FREE tomorrow! Yes, I am about to begin putting up free streaming videos on a regular basis! As if this wasn’t already your favorite website, it will soon be updated on a near daily basis with new videos. I plan on feeding your obsession with me every time you click back here to check for new content

It isn’t cheap to host a bunch of HD videos for you all to watch streaming whenever you want, so step up and offer to pay for my hosting! $50 per month will more than cover the costs of this entire website. I’m sure lots of you want this honor, and while not all of you can pay for the hosting there are many other bills that need to be covered.

I’m posting today’s daily photos below. Normally I post daily photos on the homepage & remove the the next day when I am putting up a new photo. Today though I am posting them here permanently as an example of yummy photos I can take with the new phone I got yesterday!

Get on your knees & beg to be mine.

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went out & we both got new phones. I’m not the type to need to replace my phone all the time. It had actually been nearly 3 years since I had upgraded the damn thing and it was well past time. I happily spent $500 on 2 new 4g phones for us. I now have a front facing camera, which just makes it so much easier to take self portraits on the fly. We are both much happier with our band new high tech phones, and even happier that an obedient male like you is going to offer to cover the bill. While all the money in my bank acccount once belonged someone who clicked and paid, meaning that everything I buy was paid for by an obedient male like you, I want someone to specifically pay $500 so that they might have the honor of paying for our new phones.

Comment below or contact me directly if you want to be the one to do so.

Well, boys… that’s all for now. I’m busy taking late night calls on NiteFlirt if you want my attention, all you have to do is call.

Watch my twitter for instant updates throughout the day on what I’m doing, and check back tomorrow for some uber special exclusive content.

One thought on “Upcoming exclusive content

  1. Thank You once again Goddess Kyaa for adding another chapter to Your Holy Bible.Free streaming videos? i had to read that twice,to see if i missed one of Your words somewhere.That is huge news to this loser.WOW.

    Not to sound like a broken record,but i love Your new phones.i thought it had been 2 years or so since Your last phone,i was wrong,nothing new there, but i remember the butler had the privilege to buy it for You.That post is probably in The Chronicles of Your Bible somewhere.What i notice about the first photo,which is quite rare in my loser opinion, is that You are looking up.That is different to me.#giggle The way You stand so tall in it.i like that photo.It has a feeling to it, like quietly sitting way atop a tree [Tarzan haha] and You were walking down below,and You looked up, see “me” and give that look that only You can give.It is a different type photo,love it! That is a pretty blue color You choose for You nails.These photos are great ! Thank You,Thank You,Thank You ! i love Your new phone !

    Something about Your new phone that lets me “see ” Your eyes.Crystal clear.


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