Mistress B’s May 2012 Stay At My Studio

*Edit 6-8-2012: Today finally got around to adding more photos to the gallery. Have a look then comment and thank me for the blessing.

I want to preface this erotically charged recount of this red-headed vixen’s time spent at my studio last month with a heartfelt “thank you!” to both Mistress B and Derektheswitch:

You flew across the country on short notice to be with Princess Nyx and I to help us recover from a family tragedy that had left us in shock. When you heard what happened you reached out and immediately offered to drop everything, just one month away from your wedding, to be with us. I was/am deeply touched by your selflessness and friendship even in hard times. The two of you have quickly become friends for life and I am very much looking forward to spending much more time with you in the future!

Now, on to the fun part!

Before you begin reading this rather detailed story I’m going to jump the shark and start with the best photo from the entire 5 days:

Mistress B’s panties are very much transparent. I am now face first between her legs and am getting a beautiful view of her most holiest of holy places. (Excuse the pun.)

As a reward for reading the whole thing and commenting below there are 16 more photos that will make you very thankful that I am so kind to you unworthy perverts.

Mistress B arrived on May 17th and stayed through the 21st. The days just flew by, and we had more than triple the ideas for kinky videos than we had the time to film. 

Day 1 – They are due to arrive at PDX at about 10pm local time. My girlfriend (the driver in this house) and I headed to the airport to pick them up, leaving with more than enough time to make it to the airport in time. Unfortunately it seems that their plane wasn’t the only one with a late arrival and the airport was packed. Add to that the fact that I wasn’t sure were the “smoking area” was, and we ended up driving right past them, stuck 2 lanes over and had to do a second pass around the airport to pick them up.

With Mistress B and Derek settled in the back of the van we headed back into Washington and up into the mountains, B and I chattering our heads off the entire time.

I gave them both as much of the grand tour I could without the sun to light the gardens and paths outside and by the time I had shown them around the main house and the studio they were both ready to collapse into bed.

Here is where I issue an apology to them since the bed I have in the guest room isn’t meant for a couple to sleep in… it sleeps a single person just fine, but they were a little cramped in there. Sorry, guys!

Day 2 and of course, I am up before everyone else. I only sleep for 5 hours most nights, for whatever reason I don’t seem to need as much sleep as most people, so I am first up and last to sleep. So I just started my normal morning ritual, which Mistress B and Derek got to see each morning for the next 4 days.

I start off by making coffee (or tea) and something for breakfast. By then Buffy (my cat) is wanting attention so I generally play with her, take her for a walk outside, feed her and play with her a little more. At some point during Buffytime I will have turned on music and am probably going to be found most of the rest of the morning/early afternoon dancing around the house.

Once everyone was up and caffeinated we headed down the mountain. First stop the grocery store, then to buy booze at my favorite liquor store. Why is it my favorite? Well because it’s all female owned and operated, of course. They had made some renovating recently and are now serving beer as well as selling it, so we spent some time in the pup portion of the establishment, sampling beers.

The best part of it was that we discovered two locally brewed beers with kinky names! I sampled the beers “Foot Fetish” and a “Femme Fatale” just because of their names and even tweeted a photo to show my fans the fun beers I had found. The “Foot Fetish” beer is an imperial brown ale, strong and very hoppy. Sadly for you losers, it didn’t taste of feet at all! The “Femme Fatale” beer is a summery sour ale with a hint of raspberry that was a bit too fruity for me.

In the end we picked out a keg of a locally brewed IPA and brought it home since the kegarator was empty. Now we have enough beer to last all fucking summer!

The rest of that night was spent drinking, eating, talking and laughing. We discussed video ideas, Mistress B caring around a clipboard and jotting down notes as we schemed and giggled over our depraved imaginings.

Day 3 was Saturday, the only day during Mistress B’s visit that Princess Nyx would be able to take time away from her classes to hang out with us and film. My girlfriend picked her up around 10am and by the time they got back to the house I was in the kitchen with Mistress B and Derek cooking up bacon and eggs, drinking coffee and dancing.

After breakfast it was go-time. For the next 10 hours we barely even stopped to eat, we just filmed and fucked over perverted pay pigs. Since it was a beautiful and sunny day we used the nice weather to film clips in the trails behind my studio before we started filming inside. Then we kept going, taking calls and tributes for live cam in between shooting fun fetish clips, custom foot worship videos, and more. Princess Nyx even did what is going to be a great video interview with Derek. We had all pushed ourselves that day and by 10pm we were starving and happily exhausted.

Which just made the huge and oh so sexy prime rib my girlfriend had been preparing most of the day that much more mouth-watering. One thing you should know about me if you want to visit is that I love a good hunk of locally raised & butchered red meat and if you are not a meat eater I will try to find other things I find delicious to stuff into you. I like feeding people lots of good food when they stay with me.

After the prime rib, Princess Nyx was driven home and we all enjoyed a few drinks before bed while we talked about what we were going to do the next day.

Somehow we managed to do even more on Day 4 than the day before. We got up and going relatively early and filmed like crazy between abusing losers.  As it got later and later into the day we started to feel the pressure of their flight the next day, knowing we only had that night to do whatever we wanted to do before they had to leave.

After the sun had long set we brought the filming equipment into the main house and shot in 2 locations. We started in the foyer and filmed a porn spoof video that is, honestly, very silly. I’m sure you horny males will just adore it, though.

Then we set up in front of the fireplace and changed into some seductive lingerie to make what knew would be some very arousing videos. By this time Mistress B and I had spent 2 days filming and 3 nights drinking together. We have both been flashing each other and running around half-naked (or more than half-naked) the whole time, flirting with each other (right in front of Derek, yes!) without shame. So when we lay down together on a soft fur blanket in front of a warm fireplace, candles burning, the sexual tension in the room was very real.

After we cut at the end of each video Derek would cheer, and my girlfriend found it difficult to stop taking photos of us, we looked so damn good together. I got to run my hands up and down her luscious legs, touch her soft skin and feel the warmth of her body against mine, just as she got to touch and feel my body. How does that make you feel, losers? Knowing that you would never get that kind of experience with a woman like one of us?

If that doesn’t make your dick twitch, perhaps this will: I was so lucky that Mistress B forgot that the panties she was wearing were totally see through. After I got an up close and personal view of her unspeakably beautiful pussy she actually went and just removed the panties, since they weren’t really covering anything up… we then filmed the next few videos with Mistress B in PJ’s and no panties.

The cameras went off and we lounged by the fireplace a while longer but soon we were all ready to pass out.

Day 5, their last day, was bittersweet. I cooked my infamous bacon and sausage gravy with Derek while Mistress B prepared to fly home that night. By the time we were done in the kitchen, she was done packing, and we spend the rest of the day just talking and laughing.

Before they left I told them that I wanted to attend their wedding in a months time and that they would hear from me very soon about arranging the details. I don’t think they really believed me but before they had even landed I was looking at flights online.

Mistress B and I truly established one thing during her recent stay at my studio: we have some serious chemistry both on and off camera. This means that the videos we make are that much more powerful. Encourage us to spend more time together filming soon by purchasing as many of the videos and photosets we have produced together as possible. The best way get all of this content is to visit our Kinkbomb studios often and check for new items up for sale.

Bookmark both of these links, you will need them:



And if you aren’t already, you should be following us both on twitter. If you are you would have already seen some photos from her visit and have gotten live updates during her stay through the many hot tweets we posted at the time.



Before I share photos from the 5 days Mistress B and Derek spent at my house I want you to watch this behind the scenes video that Mistress B already shared on the DommeDose. Hit play and be prepared to have an unprecedented look at what it is like to be in my studio on a day of filming with Mistress B!


Behind the Scenes in Goddess Kyaa’s Studio with Mistress B

Now, for the exclusive free photos you have all been waiting to see! Instead of spacing them out in the post above I’ve put all the photos into a gallery which you can view below. Click on any of the photos to  see a larger version. Don’t forget to comment. Thank me for posting this titillating written record of her trip and 17 stimulating photos for free. Then thank Mistress B for flying across the country in my time of need and being the most kick ass friend a Goddess could hope to have!

13 thoughts on “Mistress B’s May 2012 Stay At My Studio

  1. There’s not much Your sissy could add to what Your other devoted subjects have already said. But it is very comforting to know that You have such honest and supportive (and interesting and fun) friends in Your life Goddess Kyaa. From my own small experience, knowing You through the wonderful ways You have helped me in my submissive journey with You, I can say that You deserve them. Friends like that, who you gel with and enjoy the company of so naturally and effortlessly…friends who are so easy to ‘play hard with’ in whatever way, knowing all the while that they truly care about you, the whole person…are a true treasure.

    The inspiration Mistress B and Derek have so obviously given You is beautiful to see. I’m smiling ear-to-ear. Thank You for sharing this.

  2. Thank you so much Goddess Kyaa, Princess Nyx and Mistress B for sharing these details with us. Goddess Kyaa, you have such an eloquent way with words and have pieced this all together in such a way that I felt I could even FEEL the sexual tension between you and Mistress B build as the story of her visit was being told.

    That picture…the best picture of the trip says more than a thousand words, and has made me come completely unglued. It is such a stunning portrayal of the obvious attraction between you both, and ignites some desires and urges deep within me that I find difficult to frame with mere words.

    I am so happy for you both that you have built the framework for a long and beautiful friendship, and I must say, men (and women) from all over the world will be able to see your obvious chemistry, which will only make you stronger…more in demand…and more powerful in the industry.

    Amazing. I am in awe of your collective energy, spirit and kinship.

    Thank you for letting us see this part of you.



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