A productive weekend

After nearly 5 years of having an online presence I have finally gotten off my pretty little ass and created a .com homepage my fans can bookmark and frequent to be able to find information and news updated regularly. From now on you will be able to visit my website GoddessKyaa.com and find content added daily. Submissive male should be thankful to be allowed to view this website for free. Remember, I could be charging a monthly fee for access to my website! Express your thanks for my kindness by commenting regularly on my posts/pages and visiting my website every day to help drive up the traffic numbers!

In the near future I will have top list sites for you to click on and other ways you can help promote GoddessKyaa.com, but for now just visit every day to look for new content and comment on everything!

#5 from the set Goddess Kyaa in black lace lingerie leg & foot worship
Beg to sniff between my pantyhose toes!

4 thoughts on “A productive weekend

  1. Goddess is ready to establish her domain, men in all territories get ready to obey Her laws. You can’t stop looking at Her.

  2. Your sissysplosh is so excited to see that You have established Your own website Goddess Kyaa! Yay for YOU!!! It’s about time, in this sissy’s warped and devoted mind, that You had Your own internet ‘domain’ to rule from! Hope it’s not too much work for You to maintain. Eager to promote it however I can!!!


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