10,000 Tweets!

I have been using my main twitter account quite heavily since I started it nearly 2 years ago now.  Today I noticed an @reply from a random follower who was pointing out that I was just a few tweets away from 10,000 tweets. That’s 10,000 free posts, 10,000 times I went out of my way to let you perverts know what I’m doing, where I am and hundreds of free photos of me and my fabulous life.

One of the first things any fan or prospective slave should do is follow my twitter. Getting an ap on your cell phone and bookmarking it on your browser are the best ways to insure that you read it daily. The best way to do this is to join twitter, make an account then follow @DommeKyaa on twitter. This is my main twitter account and won’t change! The faithful can watch my twitter timeline 24 hours a day instantly find my newest updates.

To celebrate breaking 10,000 tweets I sent out the photo below to my followers. If you were one of them you’d have already seen this ultra-hot photo:


Tweeted June, 3, 2012 as my 10,00th tweet. FUCK YOU!

Comment now & tell me what tweets you love the most & why!

One thought on “10,000 Tweets!

  1. That is not that easy a question.Every tweet ? hehe.Everyone of Your tweets are more than i deserve. Goddess Kyaa.i love Your tweets when You say what You are doing at any given time.Going out eat,going to the spa to get Your beautiful nails and feet pampered,living life tweets.It makes me humble to even be allowed to know of Your existence when i see “living life tweets”.


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