fur fetish joe’s broken heart…

Nearly a year ago I let my obsessed and perverted bitch, fur fetish joe, start going into debt by buying me gifts and sending tributes for a collection of extreme fetish/humiliation videos involving furs, latex, medical fetish, castration and much much more. I had a few things crop up in my life, car troubles, my sister Princess Nyx moving in with me… and when there was a delay in a custom video he would beg and whine and bug me via email and twitter. 
Everyone by now knows, surely you've seen it if you follow me on twitter. It got to a point where I have stopped even filming for him because I want him to learn to go without, to handle it if I don't send him anything so that he isn't such a needy lil cunt all the time. The passive aggressive, self involved attitude just got worse over time.
After my recent family tragedy I told him that if he could just handle a few weeks without bugging me, pissing me off or acting like it is all about him, that he would finally be rewarded. I even made sure to save some hair from my recent haircut so I could send him some along with some other fun items. I didn't make it home from my trip to visit my family before I saw begging, needy, greedy emails from him. "when are you sending videos… blah blah… i need  you so bad, blah blah" Honestly, I barely read them anymore. I have shared some of emails with other dominant women like Mistress B, Lady Berlin, and Leah Star. Each of them have looked me in the eye and challenged me to give a decent reason why I should put up with him. The only reason I have is that whenever he has a dime to spend he spends it on me. The problem is that he expects to become important to me, or that because he loves me I should give a shit. I have explained time and time again that he is gravely mistaken, I have given him new rules like "Don't ask me when I will send a video." or "Don't email me more than once a day unless I reply to your email." and he constantly breaks them. Especially the "Don't ask when I will send a video" rule. 
I want to film these videos, they are fun. Crazy makeup, insane and sadistic setups and storylines… it's a riot! Yet every time I get an email from him asking to do something that I have told him I don't do (aka, filming in the toilet) or breaking a rule by asking me to send something or begging for my attention, every time he begs to spend MORE money even when I tell him he is too deeply in debt and can't afford it, every stupid tweet… they all just disappointing me because I cannot and will not reward disobedience
So now, now I must do what I have always said I would do and cut him off. No more replying to his emails, and I will block him on twitter if he acts like an ass about this, which I suspect he will. 
I am sharing all of this with everyone as a warning and a lesson. I am not ripping this loser off. All his customs will be filmed and he will get the links soon enough, but I won't be giving a shit to reply to him personally or deal with him any longer. I will forget about him and hopefully this loser can go get a fucking life instead of losing his fucking mind over a woman who doesn't love him and never will. 
A male who wishes to be mine, to love me and serve me must know that he is a slave and that he must suffer gladly, not just put up with it in order to get what he wants out of me. In fact a male should know that his desires are simply a tool for me to use to help train him into a better, more obedient slave. If he does not become more obedient, if he reacts to punishment with anger and frustration instead of humility and an eagerness to learn from his mistakes then it becomes clear that he is nothing but a obsessed fetishist. While this loser will surely continue to want to buy my clips, his addiction will not just go away because I am personally ignoring him. Perhaps one day if he truly accepts his place as a sub-male he might learn to become a self sacrificing and obedient slave instead of a greedy, self important pervert who can't stop spending all his money on me.
I mean, of course I will still take his money if this loser is stupid enough to want to spend it on me, but he is no longer mine and the only way he can spend it is to buy fur fetish clips from my stores and buy expensive makeup I put on my wish-lists. I have a sneaking suspicion that he will give into temptation at some point and end up spending on me again, even as I ignore him. 
Soon I will go on a filming spree, with all the new furs he's bought, makeup, wigs, costumes, more and more I haven't even yet shared everything he has recently paid for even after I told him to take it easy with spending since he was pretty much broke already. I will make sure this loser gets these videos and share them with you all as well. 
I would rather that piggy joe learned from his mistakes, that he just dedicated himself to me and could accept having to suffer through the hard times to earn the rewards that the good times bring when it comes to sticking to it as my slave for the long term. Sadly, he isn't up to the task and so, to piggy joe:

I formally cut you the fuck off fur fetish joe. I will not be taking up any more of my time or energy with your bullshit. This is for your own good as much as my sanity.

Oh, and Miss B almost had me burn one of the furs you bought for me on film just to make a point. It was raining and dark outside so we didn't make it out there to set your favorite things aflame just to show you that it is fucking over. Instead some of the items will be kept, the ones I like, the others sold, cut up into cat toys, or whatever the fuck else I feel like doing to them. The clips I make destroying some of the shittier items will put a big fat cat-got-the-canary grin on B's face since she really wanted to see me do something that would make this loser cry. 

(I love you B! You cruel and sexy little minx. Happy now? xoxoxo)

Watch for a big blog post tomorrow about Mistress B's visit!

381 thoughts on “fur fetish joe’s broken heart…

  1. Good for you Goddess Kyaa! This guy obviously did not have any sense of basic courtesy and did not appreciate the privilege of serving you.


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