Voice Post & Photos! Texas travels, Hair, Boobies, Mistress B’s Upcoming Visit

Listen to the voice post below multiple times since I'm sure these photos are so distracting you can barely pay attention to it the first time through!

While I am away I am going to be getting a haircut from a family friend who is a talented stylist. Of course that means BEFORE PHOTOS! Damn, losers. I really outdid myself with this one. We got a new flash for the cannon and it is quite the improvement. Just look at this…

And this:

The flash lets us capture things in motion, like the above photo. The one below is an even better example:

Then it got dangerously sexy. I love the length of my hair, it more than covers my perky tits when I have my hair down. 

Oh. Fuck. Yes. How wet does that make you, boys & girls? Even this shot, one of me making a silly face and covering my nipples further with my hands, but it is still painfully sexy. I posted a censored photo of one of my favorite shots from this set on twitter already. While I love this photoset and know you boys will too, I also know you are so very unworthy it's not even funny. So EARN it. When these photos do go up for sale soon you will have to pay, and pay quite a bit, to get them. Still, I know it will be more than worth the sacrifice. 

While I have no plans on doing any full nudity or even letting you losers get a peek at my bare nipples, my supple breasts deserve recognition for their utter and complete perfection. Spend as much as you can this week & comment below to tell me how desperate you are to see these photos available for sale, unedited and in high resolution so you can print them out and put them all over your house!

Fuck yes, Mistress B is going to be here May 17 – 21! Prepare for a triumvirate of powerful women, the likes of which you have never seen.

Now I'm sure you are overwhelmingly excited, desperate for a custom video with us or perhaps even live cam worship, or both? We will also be broadcasting affordable ignore cam so that every loser can at least watch from a spot on the floor as we film, laugh, abuse losers and just generally be our fabulous selves.

Mistress B is going to be staying at my place (duh!) and while she is here you can expect us to have all kinds of fun. She is traveling all the way across the country just to visit us and cheer us up in this tough time. I'm really looking forward to her stay here. We had so much fun around Portland last summer, but up here we will be able to really get up to some mischief. 

Below you will find links to each of our Kinkbomb stores. Email one of us today to discuss the details for custom videos, cam worship, etc.

Use the links below to pay tribute to each of us or find our Kinkbomb stores! To pay for a 5 – 10 minute long, 1080p HD, female domination custom clip from Mistress B, Princess Nyx and I, you must tribute each of us $100. Live cam and ignore cam rates will be decided in a case by case basis so contact us and ask!




Remember, like I said in my voice post at the top of this giant blog entry- I want you to spend the time I am away/busy this month spending what money you can on Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale. Both of them are being loaded with lots of content, new videos going up on each every day for the next week or more. Spend each day obsessing over my stores, spending cash on clips and watching my twitter for updates like a good addict should. I love knowing you can't stop thinking about me.

(I love this new flash. The photos we can take now are fucking amazing, wouldn't you agree?)


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