Catching up on the last 6 months in photos

The end of 2011 came and went in a whirlwind. My birthday was a fucking blast and the holidays were full of piles of gifts, fantastic food and good times that won't be soon forgotten. Since summer ended I haven't taken any photos off the little pink camera I take with me everywhere, so I have tons I want to share. Starting with my decadent multilayer birthday cake…

The first one was my main birthday cake, a fantastic multilayer extravaganza. The second cake was a creamy cheesecake, since one cake isn't enough for Goddess Kyaa's birthday.

During the holiday season I was so busy there was an important event I didn't cover very well. My ever faithful slave butlerdorky came to visit, taking both Princess Nyx and I shopping and a delicious meal. I only took a few photos so be thankful even for this peek into my world. Look with envy at what it would be like to serve us in person.

After all the shopping I stopped and hand a random stranger take a photo of the three of us. The second picture is Nyx with an adorable owl chocolate. 

We really enjoyed those little fancy chocolates! Hungry after spending all his money.

The snow this winter came late, not really sticking until well after the new year. I love the snow and enjoyed many walks around in the drifts as they started to gather. Any time Nyx was over we would head out together, bundled up and play. Making snow angels, building snowladies with boobs and gamboling about to our hearts delight.
Below you will find a fuckton of snow photos from the last few months! Enjoy, then comment and thank me for posting these pictures.





124 thoughts on “Catching up on the last 6 months in photos

  1. You and your sister are absolutely adorable. I’m glad she had You to direct, and her ultimately decide, to establish an Empire next to yours for the time being. You two are so adorable together.


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