The First Collared Slave (intro)

I have barely touched on what happened that spectacular week last August. It's already been nearly 6 months but life being the way it is, I haven't made the time to write in detail about all the fun I had using my slave. If you don't know what I'm talking about read these previous posts:

When my slaves visit was over he flew far away and I continued to be very busy! Soon after the lovely Miss B visited me and after her other house guests came from out of the country to stay with us. It was a very busy few months. Really, the entire second half of 2011 was a whirlwind for me, non-stop just go-go-go. Until this month I feel as though I haven't had something or someone to deal with every week besides the "normal" using and abusing of my slaves between hanging out with my girlfriend and Princess Nyx.

I've been getting the itch to blog, to write. I am even throwing ideas for some kinky erotica around in my head! First order of business though, telling everyone about my collared slaves visit in detail. This epic event needs to be chronicled for future generations of perverts… the story of the first male to be collared by Goddess Kyaa!

To watch the video preview you must right-click on the link below and select "open in a new tab" … click on the new tab and watch this video preview in all it's glory!

Before I begin writing I want to let all my fans and followers chip in and let me know what details they are interested in most and ask questions about his visit. Anything that comes to mind, just comment. I will be posting the first of a multi-part record of the event soon so check back often!

While you wait you are lucky enough to be able to get a taste of the abuse he suffered with this, the first of the face fucking videos from his trip to be released over the next few weeks!

Buy the full version of this video and read the feedback comments on Kinkbomb:

46 thoughts on “The First Collared Slave (intro)

  1. A little bell just went off in my little loser mind.One little difference between being in Your presence and being online.[in my loser opinion anyway,which means nothing ultimately] When on the internet,words are important,the little things like capitalization etc. So for instance… if i “write” “Goddess Kyaa i love Your strapon on cock” [ which i do] #blush.Those are “words”

    In Your presence or “real time” i guess it’s called,, i am allowed to say/tell to You..”Goddess Kyaa i love Your strapon on cock “,,,i do not need to write the words,,,i speak them,and within seconds my whore mouth is being fucked by You with Your strapon cock. So the words do not need to be written,,,,hell… You are filming it. #giggle Kind of confusing,,but i know what i mean.i am a lucky little slut bitch. #sigh Thank You Goddess Kyaa for brutally throat fucking me.i will try and do better.#shy

    The same with Hairbrush Spanking the Naughty sissy video.”Please Goddess Kyaa,may i please have another” .The words “written” are not the same as “spoken” in Your presence.It would probably be foolish of me to say which i prefer,because You would probably do the already know Goddess Kyaa.i am not fooling You.#blush


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