Breaking open a new piggy bank

Over all it was a nice, quite weekend. Thursday we picked Princess Nyx up in a friends truck, borrowed until we get our vehicle back early next week.  We kept our Niteflirt lines on like usual and hung out between calls. On Friday afternoon I got an hour long call at $13.99 a minute which turned out to be the only decent Niteflirt call all weekend.

After that calls were far and few between so we kept ourselves busy filming, editing videos and cooking. Once again I'm in a make-my-own-food phase (verses the eat-out-every-night phase) and I am cooking up a storm. Not to toot my own horn but, I'm quite the amateur gourmet chief. I've always loved cooking, baking, frying, grilling… you name it! This weekend I baked ham & cheese muffins for us to have for breakfast each morning and tonight I made a huge batch of bacon and sausage breakfast gravy. Everything was delicious and we have all been stuffing ourselves all weekend.

All in all though it was a rather uneventful weekend, until now!
A few hours ago (late Sunday) I got an email from a submissive old pervert who's been buying my videos for a long time now. Only a few times before has he attempted to contact me personally, usually just buying a few hundred dollars in clips here and there over the past couple of years. Tonight I responded to his email and told him he could start his new life of slavery by paying my phone/internet bill and gave him a link to my $500 Total Bitch Fee. I said that as soon as he paid it he could get on skype to talk to me a bit and tell me about his addiction for my videos.
Within minutes I got a notification from Kinkbomb that he had paid $500 as requested and saw he had added me on Skype already. I let him chat with me for a while, confessing his deep addiction for me. As he he told me about his overwhelming love for my heels, legs and especially my voice I was already thinking of letting him buy a custom video. Then started begging me to help him curb his constant stroking, that chastity and orgasm denial was how he hoped to be controlled. I made him beg to pay more and more, to suffer with no money for himself while I live a life of luxury.
I was then nice enough to let him sacrifice more money, $250 for a custom video that will deepen his addiction and need to pay me and help teach him to refrain from jerking his unworthy dicklet all the time. Then, before he even had a chance to take in how quickly his account was being drained I explained how I had to replace the engine in my car this month and that he could help cover the cost of it.
A measly $1500, I told him and sent him the tribute link. I explained that if he paid this tonight he could earn himself a final orgasm to sooth his blue balls before starting a long period of chastity for me. At first his credit card was declined and so I let him chat with me a bit more. Half an hour later I told him to try his card again, it was getting late for me and almost time to go to work for him. A minute later I saw a Kinkbomb sale notification and when I clicked to look at it I saw that he had sent $2000, a full $500 more than I told him to send. Soon after I was signing out and laughing about the whole thing with my girlfriend and Princess Nyx.

The best part about this Sunday night piggy bank breaking is that I didn't get on camera for even a single minute! This nameless slave paid and paid without getting a thing in return. In a few days I will post a video for my nameless payslave on kinkbomb, one he will have to pay to download just like everyone else. I won't be personalizing this video in any way except to focus on encouraging him to pay more and to not stroke or cum at all.
All in all I took $2750 in tributes from this slave, plus a $100+ in videos, all via Kinkbomb. It took about 1 hour and it all took place over Skype chat. The weakling, so weak for my voice, didn't even get to hear me laugh as he sent a $2000 tribute!
By the end of it I felt like the cat who had eaten the canary! Gloating and giggling I had my girlfriend pour us a couple of drinks to celebrate. I just love completely owning a man like that, so easily taking whatever the fuck I want from him and doing almost nothing in return.

This loser is not the first addicted male to give me everything without first getting to see me live on camera. My slave goodboy4Kyaa served for 3 years before he saw me live on camera. The $3,000 HDTV in my living room was bought by my butlerdorky within a week of him contacting me, only having chatted with me via skype, much like tonight's weak male. I love knowing that just watching my videos found randomly online and via Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale is enough to make a male so addicted, so dedicated, that he will pay, tribute and buy gifts as I see fit without question and without needing the encouragement of live webcam worship!

Find out why so many males, more than the ones I've taken the time to name above, have dedicated themselves to serving me after watching my videos.  I dare you to browse my Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale for a few hours, spend some time exploring my videos and pick out just 5 that really pique your interest. Buy then and when you have finished watching them all see if you aren't aching for personal instructions from me so that you can obey me directly.

There are videos for me to tell you losers about, photos from a recent shoot for me to post and more slaves for me to write about but that is more than enough for now! 

10 thoughts on “Breaking open a new piggy bank

  1. Welcome! Isn’t it so easy to give to our Goddess without any sort of reciprocation? I think us, the most loyal ones, understand something those “5 minute wankers do not.” Congratulations new slave! Spend more for the sake of all of us please…

  2. Awesome
    I love weeks like that. Seems the pay pigs and addicts have been out in full force for February. It’s My suspicion that they’re mourning the fact that they’re too pathetic to get a girlfriend lol!

  3. Your Weekend
    Thanks for the update Goddess Kyaa; it is nice to learn that You had a nice relaxing weekend yet did OK in the $$$$ area as well. You do have some very convincing videos i know.

  4. Inadequate Submission
    WOW! This locked and owned sissy for You can only echo Piggy Slave Joe’s thoughts about feeling happy for You, but small and inadequate about how its tributes and gifts to Your Perfection cannot compare to Your new Piggybank. All it can say, like GB4Kyaa, is that it has been enraptured and eagerly obedient every since it first came under Your spell. It only wishes that it could relinquish itself of its obligations and offer up more cash to ‘up-the-ante’. Alas, all it can do for now is promise its most possibly generous financial tributes for the privilege of being kept owned in Your chastity, and offer You its photo/video submissions to Your Perfection to share and laugh about with Your Domme Circle World, and pray that it can amuse You with them.
    Your devoted, grateful, and helpless sissysplosh


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