Vlog (maybe?)

I was going to get this up earlier… as in yesterday. Shit happens though. I had a less than ideal day and so I spent most of yesterday with my girlfriend cheering up. I will get into more detail in another blog post tomorrow but the basic situation here is that my car is totally fucking screwed. I have another vehicle for the midterm and my car is in the shop awaiting a new engine. I'm sure you can imagine that I'm not exactaly happy with this, even though I have had many people go out of their way to make sure this is as stress-free as possible for me.

On Tuesday, the day before I my car commited harakiri, I filmed video for my blog here as well as a couple other videos of me opening packages & playing with my gifts.

I spent most of today trying to get these working. They seem like they should be playing fine when I view them on the website I host them on but the plug-in doesn't seem to be working for me. That means it's not working for all of you. Some of you may be able to see them… if I can figure out how to reliably get these things to play I will let you losers know. Some testing has resulting in the following recommendation: If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, try viewing my blog using Internet Explorer! I was able to easily view the videos on my blog using Internet Explorer. For some reason right now the WMV plug-in isn't working properly on Chrome! If you don't understand what that means… you are a stupid old man, too bad for you.

I have two videos below, but before you start watching them and get yourself all worked up…
Click and pay for my new videos on Kinkbomb!


Now that you've paid your dues, here's a 7+ minute video blog that I know you will end up watching over and over. Soon it will be for sale in HD so watch out for it!


If you aren't drooling already you soon will be. Just seeing me with all that cash in my hands, cash sent to me by a hard working bitch that knows every dime he has already belongs to me anyway. The full video for this is over 5 minutes long. I even read the cheesy love note he wrote in the card the cash was tucked away in when I opened the package. It's so cute, how eager he is to make sure every detail is perfect even when sending me all his fucking money!

It's nearing 2 am now though and it's time for me to crawl in next to my warm girlfriends soft body and snuggle her until morning. While you are at work tomorrow morning I'll be waking her up with a nice long licking. Try not to think of me pleasuring her too much while you are making money for me. It is Friday the 13th and by the time you get off work I will be online and you can call to thank me for that constant arousal you suffered all day.

I know you want more, so comment.
Thank me and beg for me to post more often, more videos, more photos… then go buy something, tribute. SPEND and you will really be showing your love for my blog!

6 thoughts on “Vlog (maybe?)

  1. “If you don’t understand what that means… you are a stupid old man, too bad for you.” Two things. First, You are absolutely hysterical. Second, You shouldn’t be so nice to us! If subs can’t manage accessing the content You put out, they don’t deserve to…Because they probably are a stupid old man.


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