New Years Eve Countdown for EVERYONE!

If you follow me on twitter you know that my holidays, while filled with kinky fun & good food, had a bit of a rough patch. The day before Kyaamas my girlfriend & I went to pick Princess Nyx up after she got back from Seattle & when we were pulling up near her place we heard a loud thunk and felt the car lurch. Luckily we were going slowly already and just pulled over near her place and parked. When we got out we saw that there was something large hanging down under the car and some fluids dripping. My girlfriend, ever the butch, instantly knew what was up and I called us a cab. The following Monday a friend drove us down there and my girlfriend's suspicions were confirmed at our mechanics garage. The front differential had just dropped out the bottom of the car, dragging shit with it and in the end the damage was catastrophic. 

So now we are waiting for a few parts to come in and in a week we will have it back, better than before. We are also getting the breaks replaced and several other small things that needed doing anyway and will have it cleaned inside and out professionally. All in all we are going to be out somewhere around $4,000. That's a lot, but it's a fair price from a mechanic that we trust and have used for years. That fucker dropping out the bottom of the car really wreaked some havoc. I'm just glad we weren't on the highway or in the twisty roads up near my place on the mountain!

As of today I have had two slaves tribute specifically towards covering the cost of this so I am not out a dime. If you boys step up and pay for this it will just be like I stayed home for 10 days or so and never went anywhere and my car got full service tune up and a much needed washing, courtesy of my pets.

goodboy4kyaa: $1300 to be sent by Monday when my little loser gets paid
piggy joe: a measly $300 already paid via Kinkbomb – he already has spent thousands in the past few months so he's kinda broke now, ha!

I have also gotten a few pleasenly large sales via Kinkbomb. Several in the $100 range but the one that really made me smile is below:

I just adore seeing a sales like this, especially right now when there is the %20 discount. What you hadn't heard?! Obviously you don't follow my twitter. There is a %20 off store wide sale on my Kinkbomb! It's good to see stupid losers getting a clue and taking advantage of such a special event. Stock up on videos and photo sets now, dummies! There is no sense in NOT going and blowing your paycheck on my store. Get yourself every video you have been drooling over but resisting buying because of the price. Now is your chance, don't hesitate. This Kinkbomb sale will be going into the New Year, I will end it around the 2nd or the 3rd, so take the time to go through and buy yourself a fat load of worship material, my wankers & worshipers.

As exciting as the %20 off KB sale is, this is better. I will be online through NYE with Princess Nyx! We hate dealing with the crowds for NYE so instead we are hanging out in the studio and having a little private party to which you are invited! How lucky you losers are!

We will have our NiteFlirt lines on and will be accepting tributes via KB to worship us on cam even as we count down to Midnight! Make sure you set your clocks to Pacific Standard Time, our timezone, and plan to spend the night worshiping our webcam and being our fool. 

Our yahoo's will be running a non-stop Sadistic Sisters tease cam, through early in the day until at least 2am PST. Since yahoo allows multiple viewers at once we will let you losers tribute a set amount to view our webcam! Check below for a breakdown of what you must pay for the honor of being ours on NYE.


Sadistic Sisters New Years Eve 2012 Worship – 3pm – 2am PST : All tributes amounts listed below must be sent both to myself and to Princess Nyx, this means when you tribute $50 for an hour of yahoo Mass Tease Cam you tribute $50 to each of us, etc. If you are watching the Mass Tease Cam or are paying for our attention at Midnight PST we will be counting you down and allowing you an orgasm! Even if you are in chastity or being denied right now, EVERYONE gets permission to cum and a countdown at Midnight on NYE!

Yahoo Mass Tease Cam: Anyone and everyone! Even if you are poor you can tribute just a little and get an hour of amazing worship time! We will be teasing you fuckers a lot, but also ignoring you when pay piggies are tributing for our personal attention or taking NiteFlirt calls.
$50 tribute – 1 full hour of access to webcam
$150 tribute– All night cam!! This is the best option, No really, you will get access to our webcam from the moment you pay til 2am when we sign out for the night. This is the best thing since glamworship. I haven't turned on an all day broadcast in months so this will be an event you just can't miss!

Personal Attention via Skype: One pervert at a time! Tribute for our personal attention or call on NiteFlirt and the Mass Tease Cam losers will be ignored while we focus on playing with you like our own personal puppet. This costs more, natrually, but if you 
Call via NiteFlirt: $5 per minute! There will also be "talk only" lines that you call to hear our voices and an ignore line that will be rather inexpensive. Visit my NiteFlirt homepage on NYE and have a look!
Tributes: Either via Kinkbomb or NIteFlirt, just tribute and you can have my personal attention and/or the attention of Princess Nyx. No you don't have to tribute to worship both of us, you may just tribute one of us to get just my or Princess Nyx's attention via Skype.

We will also be watching our emails and IM's so if you can't watch our cam or call on NF you can still contact us and tribute for some photos, a little chat time, whatever. Just know you will be paying for our time, though that's nothing new.


Here's a photo from this afternoon when I first turned my Niteflirt lines on today: 

I will be on for a few more hours tonight but will be in bed early since I will be online with Princess Nyx so late tomorrow! I have already had some fucking fantastic calls and am really in a great mood. That cruel side of me is out and greedy. The losers who have been under my spell tonight will be feeling it tomorrow, both from their sore balls and their empty bank accounts. I'm going to post this then immediately start working on another blog post with some screenshots and stories that will leave you lurking losers drooling and ready to step up to bat.

4 thoughts on “New Years Eve Countdown for EVERYONE!

  1. You are absolutely PERFECT
    Every pic I watch from You just enslave me a bit more. I cannot believe I’m talking to Goddess Kyaa! I bought all of Your foot videos and I worship them everyday. I cannot stop thinking about them.
    I cannot believe how perfect You are. I wish to be accepted as Your foot addicted slave..I’ll do anything for that honor!

  2. Thank You
    Goddess, Thank You for mentioning my name as i am so proud and happy i could chip in to help. I wish i could have helped more to show i am grateful for all you do for me. Besides being the most beautiful woman on the plane,t behind your sadistic side there is a heart of gold. i love you!

  3. Wow! This is incredible ! Going to go all my stupid things done this morning,try and squeeze in some dream time,which i should be able to get because of Goddess Time,and now i am going to create a new account on yahoo and have to figure how to use it. i know that is funny/pathetic,but i have for all practical purposes never used yahoo and i am a dumb slut.So i hope and pray that it is pretty easy.So far so good as i am doing it now.All night long! Thank You Goddess Kyaa !
    The days of glamworship were great days indeed.Those days are gone so i need to get familiar with yahoo and only have a few hours left in 2011 to get that done.It really does not matter to me if i am first in line or last as long as i get to cum to the Celebration to Worship You to begin 2012.

  4. New Kyaaists !
    Divine One You and princess Nyx will surly take the hearts and souls of so many drooling males over the new year that the Holy Church of Kyaaism will filled with 1000’s all praying in prase to You.


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