Miss me?

I recently took about 2 weeks off. If you know why, you are one lucky loser and should count yourself very blessed. I'm back now and catching up on everything I've missed. 

First off, some screenshots from a very funny NF call Princess Nyx & I got before I went away. This bitch is just 22 years old, that's younger than I am! It's seriously pathetic when a male is that young and already calling FemDommes on pay-per-minute lines to abuse himself on camera.

I had him pull out a sharpie and told him to write "22 year old sissy for Goddess Kyaa" on his belly. Princess Nyx & I couldn't help but laugh at this pathetic result. A quick tip for losers who like to perform on camera: practice writing upside down on yourself! Don't end up like this loser, provide a good screenshot for us with nice readable handwriting!

When we made him write on his leg next the result was somewhat better, but still. This young bitch has much to learn.

Then, before letting him jerk off onto his face for us we made him insert the sharpie he used to write on himself into his tight young hole. It didn't take him long to beg to be allowed to take it out of his ass and cum. After making him suffer a while longer we let him have a countdown
As for my plans for Kyaamas? I will be online! Between now and the end of the year I will be spending quite a bit of time online, filming & abusing losers. Princess Nyx is in Seattle until Friday night then she will be here at my place until New Years! We plan on making sure that all losers out there get a chance to celebrate Kyaamas by being our abused, used, fucked over losers.

So prepare to spend the next 2 – 3 weeks worshiping and obeying. While Princess Nyx is off for break before classes start again we are going to pack each and every day full of kinky & sadistic fun. We want you to be at our disposal the whole time so clear your calender and be ready to be ours!

Read Princess Nyx's new blog post here: http://princessnyx1.livejournal.com/2210.html

*Edit – Watch for new Kinkbomb videos! A fuckton going up on Monday/Tuesday. I know you will all go especially crazy for my new holiday videos. When they are up in the morning tomorrow I will make a Kyaamas themed blog post!

5 thoughts on “Miss me?

  1. Goddess, i love your updates as my world revolves around you. The 2 weeks without you was so hard, what a terrible place the world would be without your amazing beauty and and sadistically sexy personality. Thank You for all you do!

  2. Thanks for the update Goddess Kyaa and Thank You for All You do for us for free You are Awesome.
    i think it is Great that You and Princess Nyx are together.
    An Admirer,

  3. Missed you !
    Divine One it has been like two weeks of darkness without the light of Your perfection to guide us. As for the new slave, well it’s only natural at any age !
    Welcom back, You are all that matters, everything else is just a distraction.

  4. Thank You, Goddess Kyaa!!!
    What a lucky slave! He is very fortunate indeed for having found a Lady like You to submit to and be used by!!!
    Furthermore, he is twice as blessed for earning this honor to appear in You Holy Blog!
    Male flesh that is under Your Sacred Dominance is a sight to behold and be ispired by. Thank You for these beautiful pictures!- And thank You for this lovely post!!! In my denied state it makes me so happy i could cry out of joy and gratitude!


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