another Sadistic Sister weekend – don’t miss it!

Yes, I know I have a FUCKTON of catching up to do on my blog. I have so many slave stories to tell, with losers of all kinds submitting to me (of course) on a regular basis. I also have the winners of my birthday contest to announce (yay!) and rewards to still be sent out to those big spenders.

Running an Empire takes more than just sitting on one's royal ass and looking good, and that's kept me busy working on behind the scenes stuff. The kind of boring paperwork & chores type stuff that no one likes to do but loves to have done.

My to-do list for the week is done now though and I will be spending the weekend in my studio with my ever bratty & demanding sister Princess Nyx. Together we will be abusing males live via skype & yahoo as well as filming custom videos. 

This means that not only can you tribute or call on NF to worship me this weekend you can get double fucked over and tribute Princess Nyx to join in the fun and really destroy you along with me.

These are the links you need:

Kinkbomb double-team custom video payment
$100 to me:
$100 to Nyx:

Kinkbomb Sadistic Sisters live cam domination fees:
for me:
for Nyx:

Our NiteFlirts;

And of course our Twitters where you can find enough free photos to soak your bitch panties:
Me: @DommeKyaa
Nyx: @PrincessNyx1

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