Happy Birthday To Me!

I spent ALL of today abusing a painslut & humiliating a few pay piggies. Princess Nyx & I took an insane amount of money from these losers and enjoyed every sadistic moment of it…

Now it's about 8:30pm PST, just a few hours from the official start of Goddess Day 2011. Although some of my worshipers in Ireland, the UK and Europe have already been singing "Happy Birthday to Goddess Kyaa" from the top of their lungs as they kneel and stroke, my time zone is the only time zone that matters. Soon I will be toasting to yet another fanstic year of living life to the fullest with my hot girlfriend and bratty sister/fellow Domme by my side. While I party and play, enjoying my gifts and tributes, you will worship. It is Goddess Day, after all! Today you worship, celebrating this sacred holiday the only way you can: by giving up your cash, cum & pride!

Start by watching with envy as I show off just a small portion of the gifts that I have received his month in honor of my birthday.

Now that you are wishing you had spoiled me more (or are burning with pride & humiliation seeing me with something you bought!) follow these instructions to maximize your Goddess Day celebration:

1- Stroke, tease yourself, become aroused until your dicklet weeps pre-cum! But… do NOT orgasm, do NOT cum! Deny yourself for my pleasure.

2- Spend the day singing the "happy birthday" song in celebration to me! "Happy birthday to, Her, happy birthday to Her, happy birthday to Goddess Kyaa, happy birthday to Her!"

3- Go buy the HD version of the video above & other birthday related videos on Kinkbomb! There are many videos there I'm sure you don't have yet so find something that you can watch while denying yourself and singing happy birthday to me, buy it and watch it!

Soon I will post with more photos etc. Check my twitter for updates on my birthday on all the fun I'm having!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. You deserve this more than anyone. Old post, but I am CERTAIN your EMPIRE demonstrated its’ strength on this glorious day….Good job everyone, and happy birthday Goddess.


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