The first wave of Birthday gifts begin arriving!

This is going to be an insanely photo- heavy post. So I'm putting most of the post behind an LJ-cut because it will bog many people's computers down to load this post along with all the rest of the photos, videos and other random media content on my blog. Just clicky the link below to see all the photographic proof of all the spending my minions have been doing.

With my birthday coming just around the bend, my pets have wasted no time spoiling me! I am already being showered with gifts, bringing home armloads of packages every time I check my box. There are a few gifts here I want to mention in particular, gifts I am so pleased with I want to make sure the puppets who bought them know how happy I am. 

– I am very pleased with the liberator furniture block! This thing is so comfortable I could sleep on it and so versitile. I already have one in my bedroom for fucking on but now I have one for the studio too! Very happy with that. This is a $300+ block of memory foam wrapped in high quality microfiber. This thing is so luxurious, just to sit on it, much less fuck on it.

I am ecstatic with the BeBe jeans & heels that have been purchased. I am already loving them on a regular basis. Just have a look at some of the new videos already on my Kinkbomb and you will see some of these items featured in them.

And finally, of the gifts that have already arrived, I am also very much enjoying the things I bought with the multitude of egift cards. When you look at the photos below you will see that I already had a load of over $100 in panties arrive along with a fantastic teal sweaterdress & a long black knit open front shrug/sweater thing that I know I will end up wearing quite a bit. I have another $400+ in egift cards to spend already, so expect lot's more sexy sweaterdresses for the winter.

My birthday is in 2 weeks but look at all the presents I have already got from my faithful fans and obedient slaves for my 24th birthday!

Delicious chocolates and quick drying clay. The clay will be used to construct tiny little men for giantess videos!

A philosophy book I've wanted for a while + an order from extremerestraints with some latex shine and a chastity lock. The fact that it came with this unsealed lollypop was kind of creepy… It had obviously been handled & is fuck-knows how old. Icky. Excited about the latex shine though!

I got this adorable cake-slice shaped wedge filled with Birthday Girl panties! WOO! Can't wait to wear these for my birthday celebrations!

Intense makeup from piggy joe. The only problem is I never gave him permission to buy this stuff. It's okay but, still. Don't buy things that aren't on my wishlist!

Panties galore!! Look forward to a bunch of panty worship videos!

Yes, I use faux cash for about %85 of my videos. I'm not going to crush, rip, stomp & otherwise destroy thousands of dollars just for fun… though that does sound fun.

Adorable Juicy Couture PJs + a $250 hair curler which I have already had great success with.

$200 BeBe jeans and a super cute ripped tee that says "Addiction" in gold lettering on 3 lines. It's HOT and everyone says it's "very you" ha!

Prop gun & my first ever WHITE jeans

2 pairs of $300 BeBe heels! Fucking LOVE these things! The reflective bottoms are super sexy.

More heel-y goodness!

VS order! LOVE this stuff already. Sensual winterwear, fuck yeah.

And now for a few extraneous photos, just because they will make you drool and I love teasing you boys.

Enjoy these extra photos, just because. Because I'm so fucking nice.

The big box is the liberator block! Woohoo!

After all those photos I know you are aroused, excited… so put that energy to use and spoil me for my birthday! Even if some of the gifts above were bought by you,  shop! Spend! There are 3 ways you can tribute for Goddess Day 2011. Spend before Oct 30th to have your tribute count towards the contest!

Don't know about the contest? Read all about it HERE – you can actually earn a fantastic reward for spoiling me this year.

1: My amazon wishlist :

2: Tribute on Kinkbomb:
Small – 
Large –

3: egift cards (sent to

That's all for now! I will be posting MUCH more later this week! So much exciting stuff going on here now that Princess Nyx is a part of my Empire.

6 thoughts on “The first wave of Birthday gifts begin arriving!

  1. Thank You,Goddess!
    What a great post – one of the best ever!!!
    Thank You very much indeed, Goddess!
    You look lovelier than ever and it really exciting to see, how You are adored by so many.


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