The weekend has arrived!

And so has Princess Nyx, once again here at my studio for the weekend to abuse the fuck out of you boys!
Watch this quick teaser, it's just enough to help you get motivated to spend & worship all weekend long.
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Here's a couple of quick photos I snapped of my cute lil sweater-dress and argyle pantyhose outfit tonight thrown together into one hell of a hot ass gif:!/DommeKyaa


2 thoughts on “The weekend has arrived!

  1. Words From Above me
    Thank You for This Holy Video Scripture Goddess Kyaa and Princess Nyx of the very simple and only direction i will ever need for my pathetic loser life.Surrender to Your Evil Sadistic Empire and loser shall be saved by You.
    The only thing i ever want to do is waste away for days at Your Alter Worshipping Your Evil Sadistic Perfection.But because i was born with the dirty sin between my legs that only You can forgive ,i will suffer forever and do hard labor for the privilege to Worship You.
    It is a loser brain is corrupted and tells me to waste away all day Worshipping Your Holy Bible of Evil.Only because of Your salvation my heart and soul tell me it is also a great honor to be Your Owned work bitch. The only way for me to have a chance to please You is to work hard and surrender everything to have the privilege to waste away below You.
    Your hair looks sexy,pretty, alive.Thank You Goddess Kyaa for deciding to own me.

  2. It will submit and worship however You find amusing Goddess Kyaa
    Thank You for this teaser Goddess Kyaa and Princess Nyx. Your sissy knows that it will not be allowed to cum, and it will be teased about its pathetic chastity situation and denied any dignity. It knows that if it is allowed to call You on NiteFlirt or be devastated by You via Skype, it will have to suffer Your sadistic whims and be reduced as always by You to a grovelling, trembling, incoherent wreck.
    But still it BEGS Goddess Kyaa. It begs and prays for the opportunity at some point this weekend to tribute You and The Princess, to endure the humiliation of being laughed at for what You have done to it in helplessly locking away its dicklet. However it must suffer and humiliate itself for You, it is eager to. How can it resist Your dual Perfections??? It can’t!!!!
    Your sissy splosh


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